Mike Kulich Comes Through

Poor Earlie Johnson.

The 43-year-old Muskegon, Michigan man lost 3 flat screen TVs in a robbery Tuesday afternoon.

Plus his entire porn collection.

And not just any porn collection.

Earlie had “every African American that’s ever been in porn, from the 70s up until now,” he claimed.

His collection was “the best in Michigan.” And that just wasn’t the proud porn owner talking. “A guy in Connecticut told me that,” Earlie said.

But that’s not the “06880” tie-in. Oh, no. It goes far deeper than that.

Mike Kulich

Mike Kulich

Mike Kulich — Staples Class of 2004, now owner and CEO of Monarchy Distribution, one of the nation’s leading distributors of adult DVDs and a 15-time nominee for industry awards — rode to the rescue.

Mike offered Earlie one copy of every title Monarchy has ever released. Monarchy distributes 40 titles a month, so that’s more XXX material than even Hugh Hefner can handle.

But wait! There’s more! Monarchy also sent Earlie 2 free passes to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo next year.

Mike Kulich to the rescue.

Mike Kulich to the rescue.

CNN, Fox, the Huffington Post and TMZ have all covered this story — Earlie’s loss, and Mike’s gift.

“We were extremely saddened to hear about Earlie’s misfortune,” Mike said.

“Our fans and customers keep us in business. DVD is tough nowadays because of the internet and tube sites, and people like Earlie are few and far between.

“We felt it was our civic responsibility to offer to help him replenish his collection.”

Just one more story of a former Westporter, lending a helping hand to a man in need.

9 responses to “Mike Kulich Comes Through

  1. uplifting story.

  2. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Great Hard News Story!

  3. You can’t help but get a rise out of this story. It’s so heart warming.
    The shear goodness of strangers!
    Nobody can possibly have a bone to pick with this one.

  4. You are all very naughty boys!

  5. A bright SHS Grad turning a passion for porn into a lucrative career. Very nice! Which teacher taught him how to do that?

  6. …and what about the fact that CT lost another up and coming business?