Mobilgas Modernized — And Westport Was There

Alert “06880” readers Charlie and Sandie Cole — longtime Westporters, now living in Virginia — write:

Since your recent postings have included Westport service stations and artist Stevan Dohanos, we thought we would combine the two for you.

Mobil gas

The picture is the cover of the Socony Mobil 1956 Annual Report. It depicts their conversion from one logo to another.

The inside page of the Annual Report says that the station was leased by Ben Sheehan on the “Boston Post Road” in Westport.

But as the painting progressed, Dohanos added other bits of Westport life.

The house in the background would be a view you would see while standing on Main Street in front of what is now Westport Pizzeria, and looking above the gas station there.

Sandie volunteered at the Mobil archives when the original painting was sent to the official ExxonMobil archives at the University of Texas around 2000, and she sent a copy to the Westport Library.

Does anyone have any recollections of where this gas station was, exactly? Could it actually have been the Mobil station on Main Street? Do you recognize any folks in the illustration? Or the dog?! Click “Comments” to share your memories.

11 responses to “Mobilgas Modernized — And Westport Was There

  1. I was here then (when Main Street was two ways)

    It was at 90 Main Street. There is a condominium in that location (just north of Vineyard Vines).

  2. There’s good ol’ Johnny! I was wondering where my dalmatian went… How did he get there?

  3. Nancy Powers Conklin

    My father is the mailman in the picture-only kidding:) He was either working at Pyrofax Gas Co. or just newly hired at the Post Office.

  4. Sure looks like the gas station on Main Street–across from Westport Pizza–to me.

  5. That was Walt Brown’s station on Main Street. The place behind it was Werner’s Restaurant. The original Bill’s Smoke Shop was located on the corner just to the left of the station in the picture.

  6. The gas station (Jimmy’s, run by Gene during the 60’s & 70’s) on Main St, across from Westport Pizza, had the service bays on the right side, with the lobby on the left, and behind it was a grey & white house that rented rooms during the 60’s & 70’s.. Then there was Werner’s behind that house. The original Bill’s Smoke Shop was in the location of Westport Pizza (before it existed) and then moved to the small center next to the Westport News.

  7. Glad that is the old Mobil cause the current one just plain rips off people with the prices they charge for gas. I am totally amazed that anyone would go there. They charge at least 50 cents more a gallon.

    • I was here then

      I thought it was the Shell and BP that charged too much. I thought it ironic when the owner of the BP station whined that someone had stolen the carved bear in front. The police should have gone and charged him with robbing customers with every gallon they put in their car. 🙂

  8. Before Bill’s was at the Westport Pizza location, it was a tiny shack across the street next to the Mobil Station. Bill Bulakites and his son George operated it at that time.

  9. Looks like Walt Brown’s old station on Main to me. Dohanos often changed scenery around and added or subtracted to make a better illustration.

  10. As I recall, growing up in Westport in the ’50s and ’60s, this gas station was definitely on Main Street!