No Softball Today

Or any day in the foreseeable future.

At any field in town.

The situation at Luciano Park — near the railroad station — might be tougher than other spots, though.

Luciano Park

In addition to receiving tons of plowed snow, it was also badly damaged last fall, when Sunday flea market vendors drove on the grass in a  downpour. The flea market folks were going to pay for repairs, but “06880” readers say they have not yet been done.

Should be interesting once the snow melts.

4 responses to “No Softball Today

  1. Matthew Mandell

    This is a great piece of park land. Small, great for the little fry to play ball, and a piece of green in the middle of a commercial area. The big pole in the middle should come down so more sports can use it.

    Most of all it needs to be protected and cared for as the changes around Saugatuck occur.

  2. David J Loffredo

    Luciano Field is one of Westport’s hidden gems. As the Instructional Softball Commissioner (signups just started on I always try to schedule a full slate of games there, beginning in late April, so I hope/expect that the flea marketers make good on their promise to return our field to its prior pristine condition. Westport Little League has done a lot of work in previous seasons to resurrect the field – especially since the crowd at The Saugatuck has blocked us from using our field there (even though it’s town property!).

    Kids love playing at Luciano since it’s self contained with a playground in the outfield for younger siblings. It has that Fenway Park feel since you’re in the midst of Westport’s “second downtown”, and parents love that early morning coffee at Dunkin Doughnuts is a couple blocks away.

    For years the Italian Festival managed to do mimimal damage, I’m very disappointed by its current condition and look forward to its renewal in time for Opening Day in 9 weeks!

  3. Word on the street: As soon as the weather clears, the Westport PAL and Police Benevolent Association — which paid for Luciano Playground — will regrade and reseed, to get it ready for opening day of softball.

    And they’ll remove the pole (see comment above). That was there for the Italian Festival, and will soon be gone.

    Once again, our cops are on the case.

  4. Can someone close the gate? Another parking space is being lost.