I Am A Complete Idiot

Don O’Day pointed out that yesterday’s “Snowy Sidewalks” post — on snow removal ordinances — is actually about Westport, Wisconsin.

In the words of Emily Litella: “Never mind.”

I had googled “Town of Westport sidewalk,” found what looked like applicable legal jargon, and posted it on “06880.”

It should have been on “53597.”

My only saving grace: No one else in Westport, Connecticut — including many town officials, who read this blog — noticed either.

Westport Wisconsin

45 responses to “I Am A Complete Idiot

  1. almlev@aol.com

    Could be worse!!! Good thing I didn’t spend the day shoveling…

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  2. cpstickley@yahoo.com

    You are a gem — don’t go changing!!
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  3. A Westport here, a Westport there…who cares?

  4. Adam Schwartz '75

    OMG! Dan Woog made a mistake?!?! Grab your children. Sound the alarm. Lock all your doors. The end is near!!!

  5. The sky is falling !

  6. If only you felt this way about the many times you use your blog for subtle political sniping and bullying. Too bad.

    • That’s what blogs are for

      • That’s what an 06880 blog unofficially representing a small town in Fairfield County is for? OK. Good to know.

        • You really don’t get the internet do you?

        • Jim if you dont like ‘06880’ why bother placing a reply to anyting on this site/blog??? Never mind dont answer that, just stop while YOU think you are ahead.
          Dan we are all only human, thanks for publicly stating humans can make mistakes, it happens daily. Cheers and keep up the good work!

    • Dan, you are so very wrong. Jim, YOU are the complete idiot! It would suck to be in your world. You go Dan!!!

      • Sorry Dan. I promised to post with my real name from now on and for some reason my browser auto populated an old post name. Sorry about that! Jim, go away!

        • Are you going to address what I actually wrote, or just act like an a-hole and call me names and use lots of exclamation points in an attempt to get your point across!!!!!!!!

          • Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson

            Why should anyone address what you actually wrote? It’s the kind of comment made on every blog everywhere. And it has no validity.

  7. Dear Dan Woog,

    You call yourself a Complete Idiot as if that’s a bad thing. We Incomplete Idiots envy people like you.

    Wed, Feb 13, 2013

  8. From Westport CT Code of Ordinances
    Article IV
    Sec. 50-407. – Business use sidewalks—Snow and ice removal

    The owner or person in possession and control of any property adjoining any business use sidewalk shall provide for the removal of snow and ice from such business use sidewalk within 24 hours after the deposit or formation of snow or ice.

    • I noticed, but I am not in the habit of correcting a much-beloved blogger.

      P.S. That Westport CT ordinance is for business use sidewalks, the distinction is of significance. And that’s why I noticed something wasn’t right . . .

      • I didn’t post it to be snarky or to be mean, just as a point of information!!

        • Not suggesting any of that Mr./Ms. Anon, I just had to point out a key distinguishing characteristic of Westport’s sidewalk ordinance which you so kindly posted – I don’t believe that adjacent / abutting residential property owners are responsible for maintenance or repair of the sidewalk. That’s quite different from how this responsibility / obligation plays out in quite a few other towns.

          • Point taken Mr. Whittle!! and, yes, Westport’s sidewalk responsibility ordinance applies to businesses only.

  9. Welcome to the human race!!!

  10. DW, This still leaves you as the world’s most accurate blogger, imho.

  11. So how much snow did THEY get? CT is still champion!!

  12. Kerstin Warner

    Now, if only you could do something about violins on television…

  13. Westport, Wisconsin has some pretty good ideas about snow removal. Perhaps we should just pretend they are ours.

  14. At least it wasn’t Westport, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. (A fine place, by the way).

  15. And Dan, given that you’ve admitted fallibility, can we count you out as a runner for the next top job at the Vatican?

    • Did you know anyone can be voted in as Pope? I read this today. Any breathing man who’s been Baptised can be voted in and they don’t even have to be a Bishop, Priest or even associated with the church. But, once you’re voted in as Pope you have to then become a Priest then Bishop.

  16. Google “westport, wisconsin” and then click on images. They’ve got some cool tee-shirts.

  17. Timothy Woodruff

    You’re the BEST, DW! Love you for all you’ve done for our hometown and so many beloved residents, places, and things and happy that 06880 is a part of our informational stream! Like the beautiful game of baseball, errors are part of the game! Respectfully, Your Friend, Timothy Woodruff.

  18. Chou Chou Merrill

    Every once in a while, when on the verge of being insufferably perfect, you do something so deliciously human. You’re the best, Dan!!!

  19. Wow, adults acting like children about this topic, funny the way the internet works.

  20. LOL, Dan!!! Happy V Day!

  21. Dan, an easy mistake, I’ve had people confuse Westport, MA for Westport, CT in their press releases, it does happen. Btw, glad to see common sense rules can be enforced in other townships.

  22. Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson

    Westport, New Zealand is lovely this time of year.

  23. Dan, don’t feel too bad … it happens to ALL of us at one time or another! Lyn

    Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2013 20:12:21 +0000 To: lynkleinman@hotmail.com

  24. That’s some good Self-PWNAGE right there!!


  25. Richard Lawrence Stein

    That is too funny Dan! Last I knew there were 14 Westports in the USA….

    IN DAN’s defense and he doesn’t need any…Jim do you really use your mind when you cast these aspersions at Dan. Or do you need to standup and clear your rectum I mean throat to be heard. Dan writes, researches, states, and even goes out of his way to get the “facts”. He is a cheerleader extraordinaire, when it comes to Westport, Staples, Soccer, and many other causes. He lets all people speak their mind or rectum in your case, and does very little to stop the discussion. Dan doesn’t have an agenda except for freedom of speech and letting people show how stupid they can be on his blog.