Snowy Sidewalks

You know those sidewalks still clogged with snow?

Westport’s Code of Ordinances spends 3 pages talking about who’s responsible for removing it, where they can put it, and what happens if they don’t.

A few highlights:

Removal of Snow and Ice. The owner, occupant or person in charge of any parcel or lot which fronts upon or abuts any sidewalk, paved trail, walking path or similar facility (hereinafter throughout this chapter referred to as “sidewalk”) shall keep such sidewalk clear of all snow and ice. If snow accumulates on the sidewalk due to natural means or by any other means, the sidewalk shall be cleared of all accumulated snow and ice within 24 hours from the time the snow ceases to accumulate on the sidewalk. Sidewalks are to be kept clear of snow and ice to a minimum of four feet in width. If ice has formed on any sidewalk in such a manner that it cannot be removed, the owner, occupant or person in charge of the parcel or lot which fronts upon or adjoins the sidewalk shall keep the sidewalk sprinkled with sand or salt to permit safe travel by pedestrians.

Post Road store owners are responsible for their sidewalks. So is everyone else in town. (Photo by Katherine Hooper)

Post Road store owners are responsible for clearing snow from their sidewalks. So is everyone else in town. (Photo by Katherine Hooper)

Encroachment Into Street or Onto Sidewalks. No person shall push, shove, or in any way deposit any snow or ice onto any public highway, road, street, public or private sidewalk, or public lands dedicated to public use, except for parcels or lots located where existing buildings are constructed within five feet of the street right-of-way and the sidewalks exist from the Town right-of-way to the curb line. In such instances, the owner, occupant or employee of the owner or occupant of the parcel or lot shall be permitted to deposit snow and ice from the sidewalk onto the public street.

The “Town Administrator” must provide written notice — hand-delivered or mailed — for non-compliance. If the town removes the snow or ice, the owner will be billed.

8 responses to “Snowy Sidewalks

  1. Yeah, sure. Send Gordon a bill, because he never clears the boardwalk at Compo of sand or snow.

  2. My road wasn’t even cleared within 36 hours!

  3. And what happens when most everyone whose property abuts a sidewalk fails to contribute to the maintenance of our community, fails to help keep it safe for children walking to the bus and folks walking to the train station? What are the consequences for needlessly putting dog walkers and joggers in harms way? This is an ordinance without teeth directed at people who are ignorant of the ordinance, but would act if they knew the rule (as if a rule was really necessary) as well as at many who don’t care because, they don’t get out and walk much and don’t see the connection between their responsibilities and the common good.

  4. There are hardly any cleared sidewalks in Wallingford. They are covered with 6 feet or more of snow. There is still a third of this town that has not been plowed.

  5. An obversation: AN ORDINANCE WITHOUT TEETH? How about without mouth? I would like to hear from ANYONE who’s been able to walk from Playhouse Square to Compo North, using a sidewalk abutting the dog park or Barron’s. AND I present this challenge over the last 3 winters. I’ve approached Mr. Joseloff who was pleasant enough, but no changes. I approached Mr. McCarthy at Compo Beach and he treated my as if I were hearing voices. Please, clear the sidewalks. I walk when I can and I can’t remember when I was able to walk to Trader Joe’s after a storm, because I can’t make it past the stretch of Post Road between Play House on one side and Sunoco on the other, and then up to Compo. Including 3 weeks after snowfall. An observation.

  6. Should we all be Packer fans?