Shovel That “Stuff”

Alert (and caring) “06880” reader Bart Shuldman writes:

With rain and ice on the way, it would great if everyone shoveled a walkway for their oil man. It’s going to get worse and dangerous.  Let’s remember those that provide services for our homes.

Ditto mail carriers.

Shovel around fire hydrants too.

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Oil delivery

4 responses to “Shovel That “Stuff”

  1. In my dreams we could all get out and dig out sidewalks (where they exist) and a place for students to wait for the bus. If we all did a bit, including our kids, we could get it done quickly and enjoy a neighborly moment. You’de be surprised how great it feels to connect while sharing in a civic activity of sorts (think building the playground at the beach). Let’s not forget our elderly neighbors.

  2. Don’t forget to clear around the gutters so when water drains off the roof it doesn’t get backed up.

  3. Arline Gertzoff

    Kudos to my neighbors the Kaplans and Ben Rosoff who brought shovels and helped me clear the driveway.Could not agree more with Jill.We chatted away and got the boys in shape for basketball and everyone left with a smile,What wonderful neighbors.

  4. Dryer vents…