Power Of The POTUS

As the choir entered Washington’s National Cathedral for Tuesday’s inaugural worship service, they were instructed to keep their eyes forward.

One young boy could not resist sneaking a look at the President of the United States.


His name is Michael. His mother is Sara Edwards, a 1986 graduate of Staples High School.

The photo has gone viral. 06880 is indeed everywhere.

53 responses to “Power Of The POTUS

  1. Babette d'Yveine

    This is a moment Michael will remember for the rest of his life.

  2. Nancy Powers Conklin

    If it has been me, I would have looked too!! Are the Obamas too uppity for a little kid to take a look?

    • No. According to the presidential couple, they are part of the 98%. They are fighting for “the people.” Never mind that they are actually in the top two percent or give millions of dollars of subsidies to energy companies, which are then flipped into bonuses to their top executives (who just happen to be bundlers for Obama)

      • There is actually a long and fine history of wealthy and privileged Americans fighting for the little guy. TR, FDR, JFK, RFK. Unfortunately, today’s top 2% are of the Gordon Gekko type. I guess you prefer that.

        • Sank T. Monious

          Actually, I’d prefer the Gordon Gekko type. He was taken down by Charlie Sheen in about an hour and 45 mins. No such luck with these guys.

      • And, in fact, Obama has said repeatedly that he is not part of the 98%.

  3. Jane Nordli Jessep

    I think this is wonderful. And by the way, having spent a bazillion hours in choirs in my life, generally speaking one is supposed to look straight ahead or approximately, and not glance at this and that. It creates a presence which enhances both how a choir looks and sounds as well the concentration of the singers.

  4. obama confirmed that he is the the 2pct – of people who lip sync when they sing.

  5. cathy smith barnett '66

    What a priceless picture!

  6. Two comments – I don’t know when this photo was really taken, but it wasn’t Monday – hair & dress for Mrs. Obama and President’s tie are not what every other photo shows them wearing to church.

    Also, I thought an earlier poster’s use of the word “uppity” was fraught with meaning, and not in a good way.

    • He was reelected….convincingly.

    • It says it was Tuesday and, yes, I agree about the use of the word “uppity”–NOT a good (or PC) description. It’s offensive.

    • Pop- it was most certainly taken on Monday. Google it. EXACT outfits and hair. Media commented about it. Don’t be so suspicious.

      • Rea – please see my exchange w/Dan directly below your reply. It wasn’t Monday, it was Tuesday (as Dan stated in the article and reminded me). I was wrong and didn’t read carefully, and owned up to it. If you saw Mrs. Obama in a white dress on Monday (Inauguration Day) you must have the future channel 🙂

  7. You are absolutely right Natrob – I just looked at the White House daily schedule and the Obamas did attend church on the morning after the Inauguration as well. A little sad that you and I seem to be the only two people who took offense at “uppity”.

  8. Great post about a young person with a Westport connection having a unique and memorable experience – getting to sing in church with the President of the United States 2 feet away and peeking at him!! Priceless!!

    (And as usual- shame on the few post responses veering off to nasty innuendo and distasteful language! If you’re not willing to post that kind of stuff with your real name you should keep your small minded bigotry to your self.)

    • Nemo, how is my small minded bigotry going to get big if I don’t share it beyond myself?

      • I live on a private road in Westport. It basiaclly means me, and my Neighboor’s, have to pay to repave this road. It also means we have to pay for the snowplow to come etc. Supposedly we have no other rights We have a lot of maintenance crews parking on our street to service the mansion property next door. The septic tank trucks parked on our street was the last straw! A request to please pump on your own property was all I could do. I hope they listened! I wish we had more rights of privacy!!

  9. What a cool and amazing experience for this young man — and it would be equally cool and amazing no matter who the president was. It’s ashame some folks have to turn his experience into rediculous partisan pettiness.

  10. Apparently for Anonymous (not you, Anonymous, but the other Anonymous) common sense is percieved as profound. Thanks for the insightful thought.

  11. That’s pretty profound!

  12. Babette d'Yveine

    Oh, please! Will you people stop all the sniping? It’s getting pretty tiresome. Dan has had to close two threads recently because of it. It’s no fun for many of us to read. As Mother used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

    • That’s laughable coming from you. It seems so easy to play coy and innocent, even when you’re one of the guilty ones (see: your various comments on the recent posts about abortion, gun control, etc.)