A New Website And Logo For An Old Westport Friend

What do you give yourself when you’re 70 years old, but feel modern and important and eagerly looking ahead to the next 70 years?

If you’re Staples Tuition Grants, you give yourself a new website. And a redesigned logo.

STG — which started in 1943, with a $100 gift from the Staples PTA — is now a huge operation. Last year, the all-volunteer organization handed out $314,000 in scholarships to 111 people: 30 graduating seniors, and 81 Staples alums. The largest award was $6,000.

Each year, Staples Tuition Grants helps dozens of Staples seniors and graduates attend college.

Each year, Staples Tuition Grants helps dozens of Staples seniors and graduates attend college.

Along the way, they interviewed all 135 applicants. And they spent a considerable amount of time raising the funds to maintain a healthy endowment.

The new logo actually builds on the old one. Miggs Burroughs — Westport’s go-to graphic designer, and  himself a Staples grad — spiffed up the original tree, which symbolizes “the blossoming of youth through education.”

Miggs also reconfigured the logo, placing “Staples Tuition Grants” underneath the tree. The name now depicts STG’s “deep roots in the community,” while the extended tail on the letter “R” reflects an outreached hand.

Staples Tuition Grants new logo

The new website, meanwhile — spearheaded by Ann Pawlick — features an intriguing (and very educational) page dedicated to the nearly 100 named awards.

The list reads like a Who’s Who of Westporters.

It starts with Dorothy  Adams — a beloved, early 20th-century principal at the Bridge Street School, and its new incarnation as Saugatuck Elementary.

Next is Dr. Jean Beasley — a female African-American pediatrician in Westport, when both were rarities anywhere.

Phil Schuyler is one of many fascinating Westporters with an STG award named in his honor.

Phil Schuyler is one of many fascinating Westporters with an STG award named in his honor.

The list includes — among many others — Bruce Betts, Richard Cion, Noel de Caprio, Irwin Donenfeld, Doug Donovan, Chuck Eliot, Sharon Frey, Eric Goldschmidt, Preston Hirten, Ann Kiester and Katy Macieski, Joe Koeller, Elliott Landon, Michael Kowall, the Krosse Family, Susan Malloy, Natalie Maynard, Joe and Mel Mioli, Lou Santella, Phil Schuyler, Betty and Ralph Sheffer, Ken Sweetnam, Joan Wilder and Ted Youngling.

Many died before their time. Others died after long service to our town. Some are still alive, but remembered gratefully by those whose lives they touched.

The new Staples Tuition Grants website is functional too, of course. Students can apply online (this year’s deadline is March 22). There’s an alumni page, to see what great things STG grads are up to.

And, of course, donors can donate.

The entire site is worth checking out. You’ll educate yourself about one of Westport’s oldest, most noteworthy non-profit organizations.

You’ll educate yourself about the men, women and teenagers  (and foundations and corporations) whose names adorn much-appreciated awards.

And — hopefully — you’ll be inspired to make a donation, so that even more students can educate themselves, too.

(Click here to check out the Staples Tuition Grants website.)

4 responses to “A New Website And Logo For An Old Westport Friend

  1. A truly wonderful organization that is worthy of the praise! Ann Pawlick is a talented visionary! Way to go!

  2. Anne Hardy & Diana Weller

    Dan, Thank you for this tremendous publicity for Staples Tuition Grants! We remain, as it has been for 70 years, committed to providing college or trade school tuition assistance to SHS seniors and graduates with demonstrated, significant financial need. Couldn’t do it without generous donors, dedicated students, many who have served on STG before us and people like you supporting our mission. Special shout-out to Miggs and Ann too! As you say, ready for the next 70!

    PS if you are an STG alum, we would love to hear your story….contact us at alumni@staplestuitongrants.org

  3. Nancy Powers Conklin

    I was awarded a $500 STG in 1969. I attended SCSU in New Haven. At that time the $500 covered one semester of tuition, room and board. It was a huge addition to helping my parents and I pay for my education! Thank you, STG!

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