Get Your Paper!

Westport is all set to welcome 2 new businesses downtown.

Paper Source is a large store selling, well, paper (plus envelopes, labels and the like). Steven Alan — whose opening is delayed a few weeks — is a men’s and women’s clothier.

Both occupy the new building wedged into the former parking lot between Spruce — the old Town Hall — and Bank of America, just east of Restoration Hardware.

Paper Source, Westport CT

It is, I think, the 1st totally new construction (on an unused site) downtown since 180 Post Road East — Michele’s Pies, La Villa restaurant, etc.

With people (hopefully) streaming in to buy paper and clothes — and eat at the coming-soon restaurants in the old post office, and the basement of Spruce/the old Town Hall, plus crossing the street for Urban Outfitters — the news is good for this stretch of downtown.

But the new building wiped out dozens of parking spots. As Westporters chime in on the possible loss of spaces if the Gunn House is moved across Elm Street to the Baldwin lot, I’m wondering how and why the new construction at 100 Post Road East got a pass.

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  1. Matthew Mandell

    All I can say, the building adds nothing to downtown visually. Talk about toss it up and go. At least the guys redoing the Post Office are doing it with care.

    Dan – sorry, there is no parking problem downtown. You just have take a moment to find one and walk a block back to your store. And hey maybe you’d pass something of interest along the way.

  2. Matt –

    It was built by SIR Builders, they’ve been tossing up ugly non-descript houses all over town for years, so this is no suprise.

    Maybe Paper Source will turn into a modern day Kleins, otherwise I agree this adds nothing to Westport’s character.

  3. Double decker the big lot behind brooks brothers.

  4. Reagan, Tracy (US - Boston)

    Bravo Dan-I was thinking the same…

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  5. Hey Dan, Have you heard of what is going in at The Old Post Office? Looks like it will be a cool place to have a restaurant. A patio facing Michelle’s Pies will be awesome!

  6. Warren Buffett

    yes i would rather have a parking lot that generates no revenue for the town than two business that do – not! why is everyone so against free markets in this town?

  7. Who knew there was such an untapped market in Westport for paper? Too bad Klein’s closed. They missed the boat.

    • Right, who would drive up the road to Staples when they can fight for a parking space here in Westport.

  8. Paper Source is a paper craft store franchise that can compete with locally owned Great American Stamp Store. Stick with GASS! Buy local.

  9. Sank T. Monious

    With the reduction in sheet count that appears to have hit all of the toilet paper OEM’s what is needed is a specialty toilet paper store. you could call it: Wipewell. What better place than Westport?

    • I don’t get all the harsh criticism. While unremarkable, it’s a handsome building that fills in this gap toothed stretch of Post. With all the snarky comments about Paper Source, where is the Westport love for Steven Alan – a welcome upgrade to the generic offerings at Gap, etc.

  10. You’re all completely miserable people. Hate to know that I live in a town with people who would prefer an ugly, abandoned parking lot in the middle of downtown over a new viable business and, more importantly, a new source of revenue for the town.

  11. I have been critical of many recent “developments” downtown, but this one is hard to get worked up about. The bank kiosk and adjoining spaces were always awkwardly placed. I’m curious how many parking spaces were lost – “dozens” seems a little high.

  12. The Paper Source is a great store. Reasonably priced too. One of the few stores I missed when we moved here. It’s nothing like Staples. It will be a creative and interesting addition to downtown. Give it a chance.

    • Weston mom, have you checked out the Great American Stamp Store? It’s behind Carvel on the Post Road East. They have fantastic products and a great array of samples. Check out their classes too. I walked into that store on a whim several years ago and have been hooked ever since. I haven’t been to The Paper Source, so I can’t compare, but I love GASS.

  13. Yes, Paper Source is a craft and paper store franchise. I’m not going to lie when I say I am nervous about their arrival. They Will compete with my shop Westport Invitations and the Great American Stamp Store (who I refer folks to all the time for DIY items that I don’t carry) . We both offer that personalized customer service that you may not find with the larger chain stores and their new batch of employees. It’s funny because they are actually one of my suppliers! It will be something new for the town and they will most likely offer things that you might have to order online or shop for at the Craft stores in Milford. I wanted to be downtown, and being from the Midwest was shocked at the sticker price of rent and we found our little house on the corner next to the Westport Wash n Wax. I wish them well. I will continue to stay positive knowing that we offer something different and staying true to what we offer in value to our customers. I hope the town will continue to shop local and shop locally owned small businesses like W.I. and G.A.S.S. Thanks for listening, Valerie

    • Shopping local is becoming an extinct concept in many towns, Westport included. While a lot of it is psychological, much of it is the pricing.

      These larger franchises can simply afford to keep their prices so much lower. I feel for you and all of the others. It’s not easy.

    • if they are one of your suppliers don’t you have a non-compete clause in your contract with them as in they are not supposed to supply your local competition and they themselves can’t become your competition?

  14. Shop local!

  15. Actually I wonder if biignrng in a new business was more important than site plan review. The entrance to parking is also the fire lane (no fire truck could get in if it had to) and the parking lot is way to small (both size and number of spaces) for the size of the store. I have yet to visit because both times there was just no place to park.