Why Can’t Every Snowfall Be Like This One?

It comes quietly at night, and leaves just as softly.

It’s light and powdery — just enough to look lovely, make us slow down, and give thanks for all we’ve got.

Plus it’s Sunday.

winter, Westport CT


2 responses to “Why Can’t Every Snowfall Be Like This One?

  1. The best part about the “storm” was how it was treated by the TV news stations. On a weekend when all the regulars (who are filli ns for the the weekday regulars) were off, we were treated by a bevy of young interns wearing their Northface jackets with station logos prominently displayed, warning us that traffic was perilous and that we should hide at home until further notice. One such provider of “news” was standing by a street where cars were whizzing by, saying, “it’s much worse on some cross streets where the roads may be covered by snow.” Did all these people just move here from Jacksonville?

    I far prefer your take on the weather.