New Looks At The New Y

For a long time, the only plans we’ve seen for the new Westport Family Y were an architect’s model — displayed in the lobby of the current “old” Y — and a few drawings that didn’t show much.

As the Y moves closer to groundbreaking for the Mahackeno facility — they were issued a zoning permit on Friday, and are working to close the current funding gap of about $4 million — they’ve released a few renderings of the new design.

These give a fresh look at the new building. If all goes well, it will open in 2014.

An exterior view of the new Y.

An exterior view of the new Y.

A rear view.

A rear view.

The view from the west.

The view from the west.

53 responses to “New Looks At The New Y

  1. Wow… thats one ugly building.

  2. Really ugly from the outside – who is the architect?

  3. looks something between a church and an armory and a green house !

  4. Babette d'Yveine

    Is this the scaled-down building? Wonder what the whole one looks like.

  5. Horrible

  6. Sank T. Monious

    Let’s hope all does not go well.

  7. Party On, Brotha

    This is nasty, gross, and embarrassing. I feel awful for all of those generous Westporters and Westonites donating all of their fortune to this joke of a building.

    • If you and STM don’t like it, then it must be perfect.

      • Sank T. Monious

        I didn’t say I didn’t like it and you are an ASS for assuming that. I do think it would be great in a different location, maybe the old one. It kind of reminds me of the Seabury Center and the newly renovated C&HT church. A summer camp in the middle of nowhere is no place for a community YMCA or E.T. Bedford would have put it there originally. You ARE a perfect horse’s ASS, it must be all that Preparation H.

  8. Ugly

  9. The architects for C&HT Church are world renowned award winning designers of mostly academic buildings- I have to agree this Y design is not an attractive building (and looks a bit church like with the “tower”)- It has been my experience most Y’s are not attractive. Not sure why this is.. The New Canaan Y did a nice job on their structure. Seems it is way to late to poo poo this one. hope the interior will be fab! A 10 lane pool will be great- just wish it was 50 meters!

  10. Sank T. Monious

    The first picture at the top looks somewhat like the lower entrance to the Westport Library. I know!!!! Let’s move the library out to Camp Mahackeno that way, when you don’t want to swim, work out or sing songs, you can go read a book.

  11. Sank T. Monious

    Or, even better!!!! How about putting it next to Assumption Cemetery on Greens Farms Rd. You can work out and then go visit relatives without wasting gas. If you aren’t Catholic, you’re SOL but WTF cares about them, anyway.

    • Why do you drag Catholics into this thread and then gratuitously insult us? The YMCA is a child of 19th century evangelical Protestantism–which historically had difficulties with the Catholic Church. Thankfully, those days are past.
      Second, you don’t have to be a Catholic to either purchase a plot or be buried in the Assumption Cemetery on Greens Farms Road.

      • Sank T. Monious

        Ah yes, Mr. Grant, you are right, I was wrong, they will take your money and allow you to be buried but they won’t let you go to heaven unless you’re wanna them.

  12. Gee- I think the building looks great

  13. Dan, you should host a cocktail party and invite all your frequent commenters. I wonder how the face-to-face discourse would differ from this anonymous discourse.

    • Says the idiot with a practically anonymous handle. “dd”?

      • Ouch, Frank!

        • We actually tried to get a cookout going last summer — it didn’t happen. If anyone wants to volunteer to host a get-together, that could be a great time. I would ask people to check their guns at the door, though.

          • Dan, I was wondering how the cookout would work exactly. Those of us who post under our real names would have name tags and those who post anonymously would…?

          • Actually, Dan — it might be a truly healing event to have a summer gathering of 06880. Really hard to say some of this stuff while you’re face-to-face with one’s fellow human beings — we’re all human with our flaws and imperfections as well as our assets. For what it’s worth, why not give the grand old lady on the corner of Post and Main a major face lift and keep the Y downtown? Not in Westport anymore so don’t know all of the politics (except what I read here). Seems sad to lose the downtown Y that’s been a part of the town forever. Anyone who grew up in Westport spent major time in that building learning all kinds of skills.

  14. didn’t notice any solar panels… thoughts?

    • I’m guessing someone ran the numbers and concluded it was not worth the expense at the current time. Though they have come down in price due to a glut of manufacturing capacity in China, solar panels are relatively expensive and are pretty much uneconomic to install absent tax subsidies (which a tax exempt organization like the Y can’t use) particularly given where natural gas prices (and, as a result, electricity prices) are today. That might change in the future but unfortunately not now.

      On the other hand, if you feel that to be important, I would imagine if you (and/or others) contributed the cost, they would be most happy to install.

  15. Dan, I don’t know–I would hate to see the comments your readers make when they’re looking at pictures on or eHarmony. This is one tough crowd.

    • Hi, Fred. I agree.

      Many of these anonymous posters are brutal in their remarks. But I ask you, is there anything remotely redeeming or attractive or pleasing about the renderings you see before you?

      For the amount of money raised and subsequently spent, it is just a shame that the designers could not try to incorporate a more “nature” feel. After all, they are destroying the Camp Mahackeno site for this eyesore.

      (Full disclosure: I am an opponent of this move and was asked to donate but refused to do so)

      • Out of curiosity, would something like the new Marblehead, Massachusetts Y (see link below) have been better? The problem with architecture is that everyone has a point of view. Lots of glass – too modern and out of character for Westport. Log mountain lodge to blend in with setting – ditto. Marblehead Y – ditto. Victorian – maybe but not there. This design – maybe not the best but unclear whether more than 100 Westporters would agree in the affirmative on anything (other than affirmatively that they don’t like something).

        Happy New Year everyone!

  16. A westport parent

    Im neutral about the location of new Y– and really was hoping/wanting to like new building. But oh my goodness, the view from the west looks like a prison. Why is there no more use of glass, or a sense of feeling open and inviting. It looks cold and austere– and I agree, what is it with Y buildings that they all look so ugly??? if price is a factor, then get creative.

  17. No gymnastics facility……. huge mistake.

    • Westport Delight

      Everything about the Y’s move has been a huge mistake. Poorly handled, mismanaged, and overtly political.

  18. Truly disgusted by all the comments on here. Is it exactly what you want? Maybe not. But in light of all that has happened in the past month one would hope that perspective would be brought with regards to quibbling about a Y for crying out loud. Worse than that is the total inability to comment without cutting each other down. The high road seems lost on this blog.

    • Sank T. Monious

      Classic case of cursing the darkness rather than lighting a candle.

      • No I am not cursing the darkness. I am removing myself from it. Unfortunately Dan’s blog has turned into a circus of sorts with all these commenters and negativity. I have no problem with anonymous posters, just am taken aback at how ruthless people can be. We are trying to teach our children how to be responsible online and unfortunately you all here are giving them a poor example to follow. Sorry Dan, this blog is getting removed from my bookmarks list.

        • Sank T. Monious

          You probably define negativity as any opinion that contradicts yours. There are at least two sides to every issue. Especially in Westport.

  19. Sure had some laughs & giggles on these comments but I have to agree the building no way no how suits it’s surroundings.

  20. Prefer the Y to be downtown, but thrilled that it is finally moving forward. No doubt Westporters will consider this a community gem in 10 years, as it is filled with young families and seniors.

    • Westport Delight

      a community gem to WHO, exactly?

      the residents on Sunny Lane duped out of their childhood homes? the generous donors who have been conned by the Y executives? the politicians who now have the Y supporters in their back pocket? the Wilton Road neighbors who will be slammed by unimaginable traffic jams?

      glad to see Liz is wearing the rose-colored glasses. okay, then…

      • “the residents on Sunny Lane duped out of their childhood homes?” Heck of a statement. Curious where that came from. How did they dupe them? By overpaying for the properties before the market collapsed?

      • Enough with the naysayers!! This project has had more oversight and commentary than any other project in westport. Time to move forward and build a great community center for us all to use.

  21. Decadence disavec elegance

    All haters and trolls, sorry to break to you that no one really cares about your opinion. Think anyone is losing any sleep over your comments? Think again.

    Are you really strong about all your negative comments on almost every post here? Go start a blog yourself with your name on it (sorry that no one will read it) instead of polluting someone else’s blog.

    You’re a laughable decadent unhappy bunch and that’s so obvious by your comments, but you’ll never admit it.

    PS: I feel bad for Dan Woog for attracting these clowns to his blog and now it’s like a disease that has no cure. You can change WordPress settings to not allow anonymous comments. Why don’t you do it?

  22. Maybe all posters should be required to post under their actual and confirmed names…