And So This Is Christmas…

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  1. Yes it is, the day that reminds us of the power of Peace and Love in driving out hate and fear in this world.

  2. I know it’s probably too soon and many people don’t want to even think about this but 27 people died that day in Newtown. It may be too soon for many to start the forgiveness phase but the shooter, Adam Larza, must be mentioned as a person who died that day. Needless to say he was a troubled young man but I forgive him. I have to. And someone else no one talks about is his brother who lives in New Jersey. This poor kid lost his mother and brother in the same day and to top things off he was greatly embarrassed in front of the whole world by being dragged into the local police station in handcuffs for all to see. Not to mention all the death threats both he and all his friends received that day based on wrong information the media was broadcasting. I heard it myself that the mother was an active teacher at that school and it was the older brother who did the shooting. From what I heard, Adam had his brothers ID on him but the damage was done. Think about the poor brother. And how about the father? I guess what I’m trying to say is, I most always see pictures of the 20 children and every once in awhile see a picture of one of the teachers but never the mother. And I’ve never heard anyone mention Adam in the same sentence as any of the other 26. Is it time yet? And before I get angry or corrective replies, I’m far away from CT so I don’t get the local stories and media rub. Maybe those of you still in the area do hear about what I mentioned.

    • Boomer – merry Christmas to you. You are a good person to forgive. Living 20 miles from Newtown – it is too hard right now to forgive Adam or his mother. Each home in our neighborhood had Luminaries for 26 placed last night – a very emotionally difficult task – no I didn’t draw hearts or write the children’s name – too heartbreaking especially since I have four children- less said, less to mend.

    • His name should be mentioned by no one. Ever.

    • Boomer –

      You posted your thoughts a minute before 7am on a Christmas morning when 20 little children weren’t there to open their presents, and when 6 adults couldn’t share in the joy and celebration with their families.

      And his name is Lanza not Larza.

      So yes, it’s too soon. Ten days is too soon. Ten years may be too soon.

      Academically I get it, you ask a bunch of questions, that’s fine. Maybe even spiritually as a Christian I believe in the idea of forgiveness and can see the wisdom in eventually granting it. But it’s not for us to grant, it’s for the families of each and every one of the 26 victims. And if they never grant it, I’m ok with that.

      Last night many of us celebrated Christmas Mass at Assumption Church with Jose Feliciano. One of the “thrills” of the holiday season is spending Christmas Eve singing Feliz Navidad with a living legend. Although last night you could tell that Jose’s heart and the hearts of the parishioners wasn’t into it. It was more “Navidad” without the “Feliz”. Two hours earlier, our sister parish in Newtown, St. Rose of Lima, celebrated its Christmas pageant minus an angel and a shepherd. I can’t imagine the sorrow.

      This morning I woke up to a house full of excited little girls and all I could think about was the families in Newtown who couldn’t see the smiles on their children’s faces and hear the laughter in their voices.

      It’s too soon.

      • @ Navidad So it’s too soon for you. That’s fine. Thanks for your feedback. You’re assuming I’m a Christian, I am not. And I fully disagree with your assessment that only the families can forgive. That’s ridiculous! Which family members can forgive? Mom’s and Dad’s? Brother’s & Sisters? How about Aunt’s & Uncles? Does the bible provide a cut off point for granting forgiveness? I have no problem with anyone speaking for themselves but this is a subject that everyone has a right to decide for themselves. And in summary, no it wasn’t a minute before 7am when I posted my comments. I don’t live on the East Coast. It was a minute before 4am. My point being the world doesn’t revolve around Navidad. Merry Christmas!

        • Boomer –

          I don’t really care if you’re some angry West Coast Jew looking to stir up emotions, the reality is that 23 of the 26 victims were Christians and your post on Christmas morning whether it was 4 am or 7 am was insensitive.

  3. I think the Christmas snow is God’s way of trying his best to make us all feel a little better. Merry Christmas and may we make a better world in 2013.

    • @Boomer, nicely said.
      All those lost were gods children. May we all learn from this horrible tragedy. May we never forget all of them and celebrate each of their lives.
      May we learn to be compassionate.
      Bless everyone.
      Faith * Hope * Love

  4. @MB. Right on the nail…

    • He needs to be more careful. It’s like he doesn’t untarsdend that cameras, microphones and political foes are everywhere waiting for him to screw up. His statements are not technically lies, but why not say, my helicopter was forced by snowfall to land in the mountains near the Afghanistan border with Pakistan Or, I was in the Green Zone when it came under mortar fire. Everyone will get the point that he didn’t engage in combat, but he didn’t sit in Washington like a tough-talking Chicken Hawk either.

  5. “When crimes begin to pile up, they become invisible. When sufferings become unendurable the cries are no longer heard. The cries, too, fall like rain in summer.” –Bertolt Brecht (Selected Poems)

  6. Yes, Boomer, it’s true. When the churches rang their bells on Friday, most rang it 26 times for the students and teachers. I was very proud that my church rang it 28 times to include him and his mom. It was a tragedy for all lives lost that day.

  7. Boomer couldn’t have said it better. This was a tragedy for ALL involved. Twenty-eight, not 26 lives were lost. There is no sense that can be made of any of this.

  8. @ Navidad Because I’ve known Dan for so many years and have the greatest respect for him and his blog, I will not say what I want to say to a very arrogant East Coast Catholic! The funniest and also saddest part of all this is two fold. First, you assume that since I’m not Christian, I’m a Jew. I am not. How crazy arrogant are you? And second, the fact you know the religion of all the victims. That’s sad. I’ve dealt with bigotry my entire life and when I hear stuff like that my antennae go up. But I’m sure most of us would like to hear more about Jose Feliciano and any other “D” List celebrities you’ve been around the past week. (I thought Jose Feliciano was Jewish? He played Temple Beth El in Norwalk Friday evening…) And what did I say that was so incentive? I see nothing but positive remarks from what I posted. Never did I intend to write anything insensitive and I don’t appreciate you turning my words around to satisfy your twisted understanding of what I said or what’s happening here. I truly feel sorry for your little girls. I hope they’re not old enough to read and understand your comments…

    • Party On, Brotha

      Boomer. You’re a sad man. Give it up and leave the comments alone. You’re adding fuel to the fire YOU started.

  9. All I did was justify for myself that I am ready to forgive but evidently some people are not and that’s fine. Everyone grieves differently. For me, I’m at the forgiveness phase and that’s all that counts. Life is way too short. How Jose Feliciano of all people entered this conversation about forgiveness is by me. It also appears some people hold anger in their heart. But that’s OK. Who am I to judge? All that matters is that I forgive Adam and his Mother and grieve for all the families and friends. Happy New Year all!

    • You forgiving them is like me forgiving Hitler for the Holocaust. Totally meaningless and irrelevant.

      • I’m glad you posted this because I was thinking precisely the same thing. Left-leaning, humanist, overly sensitive though I may be, I wonder what it’s even supposed to MEAN to anyone to forgive this killer? What does that do for you, what is it supposed to do for any of us? He destroyed 26 families FOR ALL TIME, and I can only imagine what the long-time effects on the community will be.
        “Forgiving” someone who does that makes about as much sense as explaining away tragedy with “God works in mysterious ways” or “God must have needed more angels,” comments which I’ve actually seen people make in the wake of the Newtown events.

      • I apologize I’m not thinking nor have the exact same values of you. I also keep forgetting this is your world and I simply live in it. I’ll keep my opinions to myself from now on, unless of course I know for a fact they are 100% in line with what you believe.

    • It is not your place to forgive; you were not a victim.

  10. It’s a time for everyone to reevaluate society. When did it happen that our taste for violence on TV, Movies, News and Videos became almost insatiable? I have seen it with people close to me. .. they are jaded and don’t react to the violence unless it’s a level higher next time. When will that stop, at no story line at all and just violence? When are we going to be able to understand mental illness better? And who should or should not be taught how to shoot? This was no Christmas. We’re all still grieving here. Most of us who have children can’t even go there mentally and this is the reality of these many parents now? Who is going to protect our children in School.. the next nut job is already plotting. How can we identify him? How can we help our society at least SEEM nicer to the outside world? What about armed guards in schools?…because don’t hold your breath for gun legislation, that’s not going to happen despite everyone’s best intentions.

  11. How can we hope for peace on earth when we can’t even get peace on a blog?

  12. Why has anti-Semitism entered in to this discussion?