Peter Sauer’s Robots And Writings

First Lego League is a robotics competition. But cooperation among competing teams is encouraged. In fact, points are awarded for helping rivals out.

Peter Sauer

Peter Sauer

Peter Sauer is racking up huge points. The Staples High School freshman wrote a book that explains everything from the rules of the competition to exactly how to build a better robot. In other words, it’s a blueprint for beating his own team.

That’s fine. Peter loves everything robotic. The more people he can help share his passion, the better.

Last year Peter, his younger brother Luke, his father and a few friends constructed a robot with wheels, motors and sensors. They entered a contest whose theme was “How to Improve Life for Seniors.” Peter’s robot functioned as an automatic pill dispenser.

As impressive as that was, Peter wanted to do more. When Apple introduced its iBooks Author program — enabling anyone to create interactive textbooks, filled with galleries, video, diagrams, 3D objects, mathematical expressions and more — Peter realized he could bring robotics to the masses.

He did not know much about book design — but iBooks made it easy.

A screenshot from Peter's book. He designed it all himself.

A screenshot from Peter’s book. He designed it all himself.

His FLL Handbook — complete with animations, and a fun interactive quiz after every chapter — was aimed at middle school students. Version 2.0 — recently published — is for high schoolers.

It’s a big hit, with copies sold in countries far beyond the US.

Peter’s team recently placed 1st in state competition.

That’s no surprise. He literally wrote the book on robotics.

2 responses to “Peter Sauer’s Robots And Writings

  1. Ginny McGovern

    Amidst the tragic and controversial on 06880 this week is this inspiring piece. Peter’s passion for robotics is exemplary: freshman whose interactive iBook is selling internationally… can’t wait to see what he’ll be creating in 5, 10, 20 years!

  2. Melissa Ceriale

    going back to your post on peter sauer and his handbook. any idea where i can buy a copy for my son? he would LOVE it. thanks!