Cannon Candles

Westport native and 1981 Staples graduate Jeb Backus is the senior program director at a local YMCA.

Sandy Hook is next door.

As a coach and athlete in several Fairfield County sports organizations, Jeb knows many Newtown families.

Last night — numb with grief, and needing to do something — Jeb posted a simple request on Facebook’s Staples ’81 page, and a few others: Bring flowers and candles to the Compo cannons.

Jeb went down to the beach around 8:30 p.m. Candles already flickered there.

Amid the flowers, someone placed a tiny stuffed animal.

It’s a small gesture, for sure. But Jeb wants his friends in Newtown to know that all of us here are thinking of them.

The cannons this morning.

The cannons this morning.

7 responses to “Cannon Candles

  1. it’s the perfect gesture. when children pass and the idea is that the gestures are an effort to help them to, to pass them over, the stuffed animals are supposedly really helpful.


    Ty Dan will check it later

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  3. For many from Westport, the Sandy Hook school yard was the place to gather when a WSA soccer match was to be played nearby. A peaceful setting off Main Street with the chatter of youth in its exuberance. It is sad to know that a deadly silence has now replaced the echoes of those days.

  4. I hope all those Westporters trying to revoke our town’s gun ban – we are the only town in the state to have this grandfathered in the state’s gun laws – will remember these dreadful events and the sentiments of townspeople.

  5. The Town doesn’t have a gun ban, it has a hunting ban

    • Don’t try to confuse them with facts. They prefer their rants be incoherent.

      • I know, you’re absolutely right. No sense trying to persuade some people when they already have their minds made up based on false information.