Yellow And Blue For Newtown

In the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy, it’s hard to know what to say or do.

Our hearts are so heavy. Our words sound so hollow.

Leave it to youngsters to lead the way.

Sally McGee — a 7th grader at Bedford Middle School — and a few friends spent much of last night using social media. Their idea: Get as many Bedford kids as possible to wear Newtown’s colors on Monday. It’s a vibrant, visible way to show sympathy and support.

It’s such a good idea, let’s spread it to all Westport schools. The entire town, in fact.

Newtown High SchoolYellow and blue are the high school colors. You see them on car decals, in store windows — all around Newtown.

Yellow and blue symbolize Newtown. On Monday, let’s make Westport a yellow and blue town too.

Because, in the end, aren’t we all Newtown?

33 responses to “Yellow And Blue For Newtown

  1. Thank you tireless Dan. In this time of lots of red and green, I hope many of us will be looking for yellow and blue.

  2. You have some wonderful kids in Westport.

  3. Dan – thanks for posting during this tragedy. My husband and I watched television coverage last night, sitting in our warm and safe kitchen in Kentucky and we both wept (okay, I sobbed, he wept). No words can express the grief … but please keep posting. We are Newtown.

  4. Estelle Margolis

    Dan, Our vigil this morning from 11 to 12 will be about Gun Control. You may want a photo.


    • Except that the guns were owned by the shooter’s mother, who would have been subject to an extensive screening and background check plus a required educational course on gun safety.

      This is not about control — this is about accountability, the storage of guns in homes, and mental illness. So please, stop trying to use this tragic event as a platform for your misconceptions.

  5. Dan,
    You mentioned All of Westport wearing Yellow and Blue on Monday, How about we get the entire country to wear Yellow & Blue on Monday!! It’s now Saturday, lets start this ball rolling now!! These senseless acts have to stop!! You know how to get this rolling my friend!! Thanks, to Sally McGee for the great idea!! Just so happens Bedford MS colors are: Yellow and Blue!! Thank you Sally!! Thank you Dan!!
    I will be emailing the students and staff at my school, McDougle MS in Chapel Hill, NC to wear Yellow and Blue on Monday! I will be contacting my daughters to spread the word at their schools as Binghamton University, and Pinkerton Academy to wear Yellow & Blue on Monday!! Thank you Sally McGee!! Thank you Dan Woog!!

    Tom Wall

  6. Its so nice to know that our neighboring towns are supporting our town for what happened yesterday. Hearing that your middle schoolers are using social media to wear our colors in the memory of those lost is a very kind thing to do. I agree with Tom that the entire nation and maybe even the world wears Blue and Yellow for the 27 who lost their lives yesterday and for those families and friends in the community.
    Thank You- Hannah B

    • Hannah,

      We have not heard if school is in session Monday. Do you have information on this? Praying for everyone directly affected and those that struggle to cope! Praying for your community and our nation at large! Greens Farms Congregational is holding a community wide prayer service at 4:00 on Veterans Green for anyone of any religious background to attend if they so desire. Hannah, my family and I hope your Newtown community will find peace amongst this unspeakable tragedy!

      Warmest Regards!
      Amanda B

  7. Annemarie Wilson

    Thanks Dan, I have shared the idea on my FB page here in Hoover Alabama, and will get my kids to do the same

  8. I’ll be passing the word as well.

  9. Tom.. the entire nation should do this.. you’re right!! Let’s call the TV and Radio Stations.. although social media is more powerful now. 🙂

  10. I read elsewhere that Sandy Hook El was green and white. I recall Newtown as an integrated and unified community, so I’d stick with blue and yellow.

  11. A bunch of Staples High School students have additionally chosen to wear Green and White on monday! Those are the colors of Sandy Hook Elementary school and we thought that would be another good way to show our support.

  12. The elementary schools colors are green and white I feel it would be way more specific and personal to that school if everyone wore those green and white colors

  13. According to sources, the school’s website say the school colors are green and white. This whole situation is beyond heartbreaking. May those sweet, innocent children who lost their lives rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families affected.

  14. Whether we wear yellow and blue or green and white we are doing it to honor the memory of our Newtown Neighbors!! So Please continue to spread the word!! Wear the color of your choice, and honor each and everyone in Newtown!!

  15. This FB page suggests Green and White. As Tom says, any form of support and awareness will be appreciated.

  16. Dan,

    Can you put up a new blog that says yellow/ blue, green/white, it doesn’t matter what colors you wear, just wear them to honor the memory of those lost!
    Thanks Danny!!


  17. Dan, I was with you and even changed my avatar on Facebook earlier today in favor of the blue-and-gold Newtown Nighthawks logo. It’s such a small step but it does create affinity with those who are suffering.

    But if you look at the FB pages of people in Newtown, it’s clear they’re headed in a different direction. They’ve adopted a FB avatar en masse that marries the town seal (more inclusive than just the high school logo) with a black ribbon of sorrow. Personally, I kept up with the prevailing desire in Newtown and adopted this latest town/ribbon logo.

    Westport 06880 readers can obtain the logo from my host server at this location: If you click here, you’ll see and be able to copy this logo/avatar. No gimmicks. Just a graphic copied from a genuine Newtown resident’s FB page.

  18. Chef has the day off

    Time for a Twitter chain and pass it on or share & repost on Facebook:

    Yellow and blue; wear Newtown’s colors on Monday. It’s a vibrant, visible way to show sympathy and support #prayfornewtown

    Thanks Dan for always being there for us

  19. The empire state building was blue and gold last night, so I think those are the correct colors to wear to support the town as a whole. Either way it is a powerful gesture.

  20. Our children here in Twain Harte California all plan on showing their support on Monday. We revived two suggestions. One stating they should wear nlue and yellow and one for Sandy Hook school colors-green and white. Which colors have more significance? The children want to do everything to show their support to the grieving families.

    • Blue and yellow/gold is the high school colors. Green and white is the elementary school colors. Either is great!

      Sent from my iPhone Please excuse typos and brevity!

  21. but arent we supossed to be supporting the elementary school?

    • It doesn’t matter! High school kids can support high school kids, or the elementary school. Anyone can wear either color. The entire town is devastated. It’s the thought that counts!

  22. Josie De La Rosa

    We are heartbroken over was has happened in Newtown Connecticut. Our prayers are with your town and families. Where can I buy the ribbons so we may where them. I live in San Jose, Ca. God Bless you all. Sending our love & prayers. God Bless Bless you all. Josie De La Rosa

  23. Oak Park, IL -Many of us will be wearing blue and yellow in memory and in support of all those in Newtown

  24. thats really sweet…. i’m in!!!!

  25. Wearing my yellow and blue all the way over here in Dubai. My prayers continue to go to all who have been hurt by this tragic event. Spread love not fear. Let us come together and build strength and comfort in our communities.