Scenes From Newtown’s Neighbor

Today in Westport, flags flew at half-staff. This one stood outside police headquarters:

Saturday 1

A short walk away on the Post Road Bridge, a group that for several years has protested US wars added a plea for gun control.

Ruth Steinkraus Bridge, Westport CT - gun control

Meanwhile — in a scene made poignant simply by its normalcy — a group of Westport YMCA gymnasts got ready to perform.

Westport YMCA gymnasts

it was just another Saturday in Westport, Connecticut.

Except it wasn’t.

10 responses to “Scenes From Newtown’s Neighbor

  1. How many more mass murders will it take for Congress to pass gun control?

    • We have gun control. But thanks for bringing your grubby politics into the discussion.

    • Westport Delight

      Reform of Gun Control would be the correct way of putting it, Jack. Connecticut actually has one of the most strict regulations for purchasing and owning guns.

  2. observer of CT decency

    Why don’t the CT. State Troopers have the decency or compassion to allow the parents of the deceased children out of the building last night.

  3. Lauren Goodman

    A tree in westport…

  4. Does Newtown allow open carry? I heard on the radio last night it does not.

  5. I’ve always wondered way those with negative, nasty cutting remarks usually identify themselves as “Anonymous”. If you believe what you say, have the guts to put your name on it.

  6. Anonymous..It looks like many Senators and Congressmen are starting to get involved in your characterization of the comment as “grubby politics.”