Oh Deer!

Alert “06880” reader, RTM member and dedicated agenda scrutinizer John McCarthy reminded me that the RTM’s deer management subcommittee meets next Monday (December 3, 6:45 p.m., Town Hall room 309).

Up for discussion: “an estimate of the cost to cull 1/2 of Westport’s deer population in the next 10 years based on actual costs incurred by other surrounding towns who have culling programs and conversations with White Buffalo.”

I was so excited! The White Buffalo is one of my favorite singers. He sort of combines Waylon Jennings, Ryan Adams, Wilco, Tom Waits, Townes Van Zandt and the Black Keys. Plus he’s got a great back-up band.

But I did a little digging — why would The White Buffalo take time from touring to cull deer in Westport? — and realized that surrounding towns “converse” not with The White Buffalo the singer, but White Buffalo “the leading expert in population control of white-tailed deer in highly sensitive areas such as suburban communities and city parks.”


Still, the 2nd part of Monday’s meeting could be very interesting.

The subcommittee will hear “estimated costs associated with a PZP program which would halve Westport’s deer population in 10 years based on previous contraception program costs.”

After which the subcommittee will discuss “deer reproductive behavior.”

So if you have any interest in deer sex, come out on Monday.

As for me, I’ll reserve judgment on deer condoms until I hear both sides of the story.





12 responses to “Oh Deer!

  1. Re the last picture, “Deer god!”

  2. Lends new meaning to a threesome!

  3. I figure any meeting with “conversation with White Buffalo” on the agenda was a must-attend meeting.

  4. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Dan most everyone I bet is having impure thoughts with your last photo… But the truth is this is a rear end collision on the side of the Merritt. The first deer stopped short and the other two were distracted and a pile up occurred.

  5. Whiny Westporter

    I can only imagine what you had to type into Google Images to find that last pic.

    Actually, never mind. I don’t want to imagine. Gross.

  6. “Cull” – is that anything like “kill”? I’d write more, but I’m too busy dodging bullets from duck hunters off nearby Canfield Island…

  7. If the town decides a cull is too costly they will be saving a few bucks no matter what way you look at it

  8. Can’t we just legalize hunting here already? It would be an effective way to cure this deer overpopulation problem and it would cost nothing for the town and our tax payers.

  9. Rocki The Ranger

    @commonsense- agreed it would be even more effective than contraception! And it would help combat the negative and fearful opinions most Westportians have towards guns!

  10. Westport is filled with WUSSIES and raging liberals. No way in hell we get legalized hunting.. You’d have a better chance of seeing that deer threesome on Main Street.