Hot New Bestseller Is Based In Westport

Alert “06880” reader Evan Stein passes along a link to a website that lists the top 5 best-selling books for the week of November 26.

Right there at #3 is 2012 Zoning And Subdivision Regulations For Westport, Connecticut. 

Priced at just $35.99, “this hot new volume of residential, commercial, and industrial construction and use laws blows the 2011 edition right out of the water.”

But don’t go looking to order your own copy of this best-seller.

The website is The Onion.

7 responses to “Hot New Bestseller Is Based In Westport

  1. Now that’s funny!

  2. Whiny Westporter

    OK, that’s funny. Love it

  3. Babette d'Yveine

    When did Westport become a city?

  4. Dick Lowenstein

    Besides the (phoney) “Westport Zoning Regulations,” there’s another Westport connection in The Onion’s best-seller list: The takeoff on “Go Dog. Go.” The real book was written by the very real P. D. Eastman, a longtime Westport resident.

    Could it be that there’s a closeted Westporter on The Onion staff?

  5. follow the best sellers

    Best seller #1 is a classic. It, however, is second to the famous audio book by Samuel L Jackson. See

  6. Personally, I find the #3 item to be a real “hard to put down, riveting tale of suspense and intrigue” – or is it just me? And, I have to agree with the suggestion of someone at the Onion has some pretty solid Westport connections, for one thing, the tome IS correctly identified, they are called the Westport Zoning & Subdivision Regulations. Most would surely have left the Subdivision part off the title.

  7. All-time best Westport-Onion connection – recognize Rep. Patrick Volger?,17243/

    Yes it is the very talented and secretly hilarious Republican Registrar of Voters and former Selectman Bob Lasprogoto