The Thankful Tree

One of the coolest courses at Staples is Child Study. Under the direction of the very talented Linda McClary, high school students oversee an actual play school.

Little kids love holidays. At Halloween, teenagers lead toddlers on trick-or-treat missions through the halls. Next month, they’ll sing carols.

For Thanksgiving, they’ve prepared a “Thankful Tree.”

It’s set up in the hall outside the play school. Children, Staples students, teachers and parents are invited to write a line of thanks, and stick it on the tree.

The tags make intriguing reading.

Here’s a sampling. All begin “I am thankful for…”:

  • …my dog Hudson.
  • …family, friends and a good education.
  • …chocolate.
  • …my daddy taking me on a roller coaster, and my mommy taking me to birthday parties.
  • …the food I get to eat.
  • …my toys.
  • …love.

Out of the mouths of babes (and teens)…

4 responses to “The Thankful Tree

  1. Mrs McClary and her Child Study class are the best. (Superior to any AP class or sport)

  2. I’m sure it is a great class, but “superior” to an AP class, I don’t know…

  3. BTW, I love the idea of a thankful tree.

  4. Please mention the outstanding Staples teacher who started this program many, many years ago…Ruth Kaufman. She and Bob Selverstone also started Values and Sexuality classes that were important parts of the curricula.