Time To Talk Renewables

In addition to being an alert “06880” reader, Ken Coulson is a musician and writer living in Weston. He’s currently assisting with the launch of a renewable energy park in Vermont. 

As we clean up from Sandy, Ken wants to talk about renewable energy.

He writes:

In the wake of the horrible destruction and long-term electricity outages caused by Hurricane Sandy, residential renewable energy is sure to be a hot topic around the post-recovery dinner table.

As it so happens, Westport was one of 4 Connecticut towns chosen to participate in the Solarize CT program. This incentive project will help Westport homeowners install solar PV technology on their southern-facing rooftops or in ground arrays.

Solar PV power can be the way to go.

Solarize Westport has a goal of signing up 40 homes by December 14. They are about 25% towards their goal, with a little over 1 month left! Click here, or call 203-375-5228 for a free consultation. (If you don’t live in Westport, click here for general information.)

A quiet movement in Westport and Fairfield County is focusing on renewable energy sources. The topic is quickly gaining steam. Westport features many passive homes, sustainable developments and renewable power sources already. Many of the folks involved hope Westport can emulate successful countries and states around us, and become a more sustainable community.

Combining a Solar PV system with a natural gas generator and battery backup can effectively keep your home powered when the central grid is down.

With the help of our schools and commercial businesses, we may be able to create our own micro-grid for the Westport community. Now wouldn’t that be something?

5 responses to “Time To Talk Renewables

  1. For those foreclosed from considering a solar sulution even something as simple as an energy audit can save energy and dollars, for a $75.00 co-payment
    Many of our dwellings are leaking heat/cool year round. After signing-up we are losing less and saving more. For this charge you will receive about nine man-hours of labor and as many a 25 low drain bulbs, plus valuable recomendations for expanded savings.

    • My experience with the low drain bulbs would support the conclusion that such bulbs are also low illumination bulbs. They are fine for the basement and garage but aren’t very useful in the library, or any place else you might want to read.

  2. natrob is right

    I was worried about that. The energy audit guys replaced about 25 bulbs — in key areas of my house — and I haven’t noticed a difference. Except the money I’ve saved.

    • The low drain bulbs do not create the same amount of light; you can have the difference measured.

      Do you know what is inside those low drain bulbs?

  3. Westporters can learn more about installing solar electric or hot water systems at signicantly discounted prices by attending tomorrow’s (Sunday, Nov. 11) workshop and/or solar home tours. RSVP at solarizect.com/Westport
    Solarize Westport Workshop:
    Unitarian Church of Westport, 10 Lyons Plains Rd, 12:30-1:30PM

    Westport Solar Home Tours:
    Home of David Yarmoff — 10 Stone Drive, 11.5 kW system, tours at 10:30 AM and 3:30 PM
    Home of Kevin Green — 35 Gorham Avenue, 3 kW system, tours at 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM

    Lewis/Wolfe Home – 7 Otter Trail, 11kW system, tours at 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM

    Pippa Bell Ader
    Solarize Westport Team
    (203) 293-6320