Conley Downing Races To Help New York

As debate raged over whether to cancel the New York Marathon, one former Westporter decided to act.

Conley Downing

Conley Downing — a 2002 Staples graduate, now a senior account executive at TracyLocke — “decided to instead focus that negative energy into an opportunity to do good for her battered city,” ABC World News reports.

At 8 a.m. yesterday she created Race 2 Recover NYC. Yesterday afternoon, it went live.

The site takes hotel rooms reserved by runners, and donates them to New Yorkers displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Those without heat and power also are eligible.

Within minutes, offers for rooms poured in.

There will be no New York marathon winner this year. But many runners — those already in the city who are helping out; those inspired by Race2RecoverNYC to donate rooms, and site creator Conley Downing herself — are already champions.

6 responses to “Conley Downing Races To Help New York

  1. Way to go CD …..!

  2. John Hartwell

    Dan — you’re doing a terrific job. Thanks!

  3. How wonderful! Conley is absolutely a winner for taking the initiative to connect New Yorkers with available rooms!

  4. Wow. Terrific work Conley Downing! The spirit of this idea seems much more in synch with Fred Lebow’s vision for the NYC Marathon than the Mayor’s original tone deaf impulse to push it through. 1st saw info on the program yesterday on FB – a NY friends post about it prompted a slew of comments and over 60 “likes”!!

  5. Account people rock!
    They get it done.

  6. Thank you Dan and all others! We are overwhelmed and inspired by the unbelievable generosity of those who are donating, as well as the depth of gratitude for those we have been fortunate enough to help. I want people to know that if you see an opportunity to help, you have it within your power to do so!
    Also – I’ve been promoted and am now an account supervisor at Colangelo. And we account people do know how to get things done, Ad Guy 😉