Remember Last Week’s Big Compo Bathhouse Debate?

So last week — remember last week? — “06880” was filled with a discussion on whether to renovate the Compo bathhouse, and if so, who should pay for it.

What a difference a Hurricane Sandy makes.

Here’s what the bathhouse looks like today. Yes, that Kowalsky truck stands in front of what used to be the brick entrance to the lockers, next to Joey’s. Yes, that’s the lockers you now see, right from the beach. And yes, in the foreground there’s a section of the boardwalk that does not belong there.

But that’s not all. Here’s what else I saw this afternoon:

Another section of the boardwalk that ended up far from home.

Hurricane Sandy drove sand through the very sturdy Compo men’s room door.

Legendary former Staples football coach Paul Lane has lived at Compo Beach since the 1930s. He saw the famous Hurricane of 1938, and the Nor’easter of 1955. On Monday, Sandy — one of the worst — inundated his house. Several Staples soccer players (and a friend) spent hours today shoveling out his front yard. Also today, members of Staples’ Service League of Boys (SLOBS) worked at Old Mill, cleaning and repairing damage there.

Flanking Coach Paul Lane at his Soundview house during cleanup (from left): Alex Spector, Staples soccer players Harry Birch and Patrick Beusse, and Paul’s son Peter Lane. Not pictured: soccer players Ethan Bradeen, Noah Bender and Greg Shikowitz.

The sign on the garage says “Welcome to the Beach.” Hurricane Sandy — not so welcome. (Photo/Betsy Phillips)

It pays to advertise.

Last winter, Elvira’s embarked on a top-to-bottom renovation.  The bottom included a new foundation.

It was money well spent. Sandbags, plywood — and the new foundation — kept damage to a (relative) minimum.

After 2 days of cleanup, Elvira’s will open tomorrow — as usual, bright and early — to serve great food (and plenty of coffee) to the grateful Old Mill community.

Two days after Hurricane Sandy, Elvira’s is again spotless. And, as of tomorrow morning, open.

The path leading to Compo Cove, off the Old Mill parking lot, is cluttered with debris this afternoon.

Strollers on the Compo Cove bridge have long admired the big tree — and enormous planter — behind the old Akins house. We’ve always wondered how it got there. Now we’re astonished that it too felt the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.

If there was any doubt: Yes, this was a Big Event. The TV truck at Old Mill Beach proves it.

One response to “Remember Last Week’s Big Compo Bathhouse Debate?

  1. Wow! Thanks for keeping us all posted. And this post sure brings back fond memories of Coach Paul Lane! I am glad he is okay and survived yet another storm, and it’s great so many people chipped in to help him.