Power To The People?

“06880” has learned that CL&P will not restore power to areas that have been flooded until each house is inspected and certified — by a licensed electrician — that power can be restored to that home.

Once an electrician has certified the home can have power restored, it will be added to a list.

Certification should be prominently displayed on the front door or other highly visible place. The homeowner should also have a copy.

The reason for the caution is the danger of fires breaking out in uninspected homes once power returns.

4 responses to “Power To The People?

  1. There are 192 homes from the Minuteman Statue to Soundview Drive.

    Time for the Town to hire an electric company to start immediately down each street. Prorate the cost or bill FEMA.

    JUST DO IT !

  2. greenwichtime.com reports thetown has 39 crews working. bridgeport citizens throw eggs at the ui crews.

    frustrated resident in westport paying for hotel and waiting to hear something meaningful.

  3. we just learned our power back sunday morning from a neighbor, however
    i called cl&p moments before that we wouldnt get power back u til tuesday.
    a followup call to cl&p advised this is the info they were given on last tuesday but not updated according to the rep we spoke with at 8 am sunday.

    why bother calling their hotline at 800 286 2000

    my decision is to move my company away from this confusion. putting staff up in hotels is pricey and hard to understand when compared to
    other states that suffered even more, but had the support system in place to control the event through better communication, etc. its not the first time
    we experienced a lack of coordination and when medical needs impact
    someone its a red flag. we shouldnt have to call 911 to resolve issues.

    • I just called CL&P to find out when my power would be back on. (I’m on the same grid as Playhouse Square, which includes the post office. We’re all still out.) The customer service representative couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful. She was surprised to learn that a large shopping center was still out, and promised to follow up.