…Or Get Off The Pot

So you think this is just one more of those “oh my God, look what Hurricane Sandy did to Westport!” photos?

Well, now look at it from another angle — the other side of the wall:

Yep. That’s where this log ended up.

Feel free to write your own caption. Hit “Comments,” and let the bathroom humor begin.

10 responses to “…Or Get Off The Pot

  1. That looks like a real pain in the butt!

  2. Uh, your going to need to break that up with a stick, before you flush it ~

  3. Suddenly I feel flushed all over!

  4. Pulp Fiction

  5. Flush the “Gator-tree” down and keep on kickin’ the can!

  6. When nature calls…

  7. Ann Marie Flynn

    Hope all ends well!!

  8. I feel bad for the poor tree! It can all be repaired …. But lives can not!

  9. Nice log.

  10. If its brown, flush it down!