Divine Intervention Needed

In the 152 years it’s served the community, Assumption Church has seen a lot.

But perhaps never this.

(Photo by Gail Beranek)

11 responses to “Divine Intervention Needed

  1. John McCarthy

    It is well known that she was quite the swimmer.

  2. Dan, you are doing a fantastic job of keeping us all updated and thanks to all who are contributing to 06880.

  3. But she never had to swim in the Saugatuck.

  4. Never though the water would come up this high 🙁

  5. Linda Gramatky Smith

    Dan, we need you! Watching channel 12 with views of Harbor Rd in Saugatuck Shores with detritus and small rocks all over road. Stay safe, everyone! Still cars driving by here on Roseville. Watching a HUGE tulip tree swaying in backyard, and praying it won’t fall on our house.

    For first time I got wi-fi for our iPad today so if we lose power I can still read what is happening around town. Hope others will let us know on 06880 even if Dan is offline.

  6. I can try to pass along whatever I hear. No promises… -Dan Woog

  7. Wow! Thanks for keeping me updated Dan. Keep safe, all of you. When we have earthquake, I’ll be sure to send you pictures! Kim in LA