Every Vote Counts!

Okay, it’s not as crucial as Obama vs. Romney.

But America is a democracy, and citizens — at least, those in Westport — need to make a crucial choice: Which button do you like for First Night?

All were created by artist Miggs Burroughs. This is his 17th year designing the button, which serves as the admission ticket for townwide events on New Year’s Eve.

For this year’s contest, the 1st button is meant to be “a bold and colorful graphic burst, clearly identifying the event with a distinctive font,” Miggs says.

The 2nd is an homage to sponsors Melissa & Doug. “It is meant to portray a child’s painting of the year in various, drippy paint colors,” he says.

The third button uses the Westport town flag — designed by Miggs in 1985 — to convey civic pride and excitement.

The buttons cost $10 before Dec. 14 ($15 afterward), and will be available throughout town.

To cast your ballot, click here. The deadline is October 28.

8 responses to “Every Vote Counts!

  1. I like No. 2 the best for its bright colors and air of celebration. The drips, though, makes me think of a washout for First Night.

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  3. The Melissa & Doug logo is not big enough. Shouldn’t it be covering the entire button?

    Or will they shoot the name up in the form of fireworks this year?

  4. Dan, when I click on the link it brings me to the message where it says to see the design, except I only see children’s faces changing in the pic, is this link working correctly?

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  6. iheartwestport

    The second stage of the two part advertising campaign for “Doug and Melissa” first – the Doug and Melissa Fireworks show now the Doug and Melissa First Night- I’m all for the sponsorship and contribution to a town wide event but come on …. couldn’t they do this with a bit more grace.