The staff at Crossroads Hardware is getting tired of hearing the question: “When is 323 going to open?”

They don’t know the answer.

No one does.

Last May, “06880” reported that 323 — a new restaurant, on the site of the old Bogey’s — would open “soon.”

It’s been nearly 6 months. Despite near-constant activity, things still look like they did when Bogey’s closed — a victim of Hurricane Irene, in August 2011.

At this rate, they may be shooting for a target date of March 23, 2013.

You know: 3/23.




One response to “323

  1. My spouse & I ran into the owner (who we didn’t know) by chance at a restaurant and overheard his conversation with one of his friends who is also working on the “fix up”.

    I asked “did you run out of money” the answer was no. They ran into many more problems than they anticipated. Didn’t have a specific opening date still but hoped to be ready for the holiday season.

    Generously bought my spouse & I an after dinner drink. :o).