Sunday’s Arts Celebration Tinged With Sadness

Frank Jacoby was very excited about this coming Sunday.

At 2 p.m. at Town Hall, the 19th annual Westport Arts Awards will honor 12 of Westport’s most creative citizens. A Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Frank and his wife, Doris Storm.

Doris Storm and Frank Jacoby

Frank — a veteran of the “Golden Age” of television — helped put Channel 13 WATV on the air in 1948. He was soon hired by NBC as a network director.

Doris — his business partner in Jacoby/Storm Productions, and wife for 66 years — worked in early television as a writer, performer and co-producer with him, and on her own as a TV spokeswoman for many companies.

Sadly, Frank’s award will be presented posthumously. He died Thursday morning, of a heart attack.

The couple was looking very forward to the event, Doris said. They’d been to all 18 before this year, and felt honored to be in such august company.

The award is richly deserved. And — despite the tragedy — how nice that Frank knew he’d earned it.

3 responses to “Sunday’s Arts Celebration Tinged With Sadness

  1. I am so sad to hear about Frank. In addition to being such an accomplished person, he was a marvelous human being with a zest for life and a great curiosity about the world. Frank and Doris were a one-of-a -kind team and they don’t know how much inspiration they have provided to many people like me about how to live a productive and fully engaged life for the full span of a life-time. Frank was a work of art! I will miss him.

  2. Hi Dn, I meant to thank you yesterday for this lovely post. We are saddened at the loss of Frank, but agree that in terms of our ceremony it’s nice that he knew of his well-deserved lifetime achievement award! Leslie

  3. Hi dear Doris .We are really sorry to hear that Frank left us for goodness. We watched the interview with both of you and somehow parted with Frank who , you know, we love with all our heart. Please contact us by the this new e-mail address ( for the old one was stolen by hackers. We’d love to talk to you on skype, search for “mif237”. We are both praying for you and Frank. Hold on!