Democrats Claim They Can Party Too

On Monday night, I posted a story about the Westport Republicans’ recent party — an Oktoberfest, with a special appearance by Miss Connecticut.

Most people — including Board of Finance chair Avi Kaner — liked it. Predictably, one humor-impaired commenter wrote:

Another subtle political post about Republicans dripping with resentment and sarcasm. What a shock.

Dan, give it up. I love ya brother. But enough. Are all Westporters required to swing to the left? Is that part of being in 06880?


Now, the Democrats demand equal time.

The Democratic Women of Westport sponsor their own fundraiser this Friday (October 19, 7:30-10 p.m.). It’s at the same site: the Westport Woman’s Club.

Come watch State Rep. Jonathan Steinberg bartend on Friday.

Where the GOP had German oompah music, the Dems counter with the Mill River Band — a rock group called (supposedly) “The Official Band of the Levitt Pavilion.”

They’re having a tough time topping Miss Connecticut, though. All they can say is “our bartenders will be Jonathan Steinberg and Ted Hoffstatter, both candidates for state representatives.”

“06880” readers: click “Comments” to vote for which party throws the best party.


23 responses to “Democrats Claim They Can Party Too

  1. How times have changed. The Westport Democrats – this is going back decades – used to throw really great before, during and after election parties. The comment was “there is always an election coming up.” They had a lot of momentum.

  2. It’s been far too long since I’ve been home to Westport, and so I do not know if local Republican candidates there share the same views and philosophies as the national GOP platform — But in general, I find parties thrown by Democrats to be a lot more fun because they’re more diverse and all inclusive, and even welcome gay guys like me.

  3. Bobbie Herman

    As we all know, Democrats have more fun. The event, called “Donkey Rock II!” (the first was in 2010) will be presented by the Democratic Women of Westport. It will also feature a Wine Reception with hors d’oeuvres. Tickets are $35 each. For reservations, call 203-226-3642 or 203-255-1577. You may pay at the door. As for “topping Miss Connecticut,” all Democratic Women are beauties!

    Bobbie Herman, President
    Democratic Women of Westport

  4. Freedom Fighter

    Commies and Socialists always have more fun. Duh!

    • They are spending other people’s money.

    • Certainly more fun than Nazis and Fascists!

      • Really not many differences among them; totalitarians all.

        • Well, at least 3 of the 4 are.

          • 4 of the 4 are totalitarians.

            • Your opinion. I’d let the Socialists vote on what they think. (The other 3 don’t have popular votes)

              • Socialism is the government ownership of the means of production (Samuelson, “Economics). There are two factors in the means of production, capital and labor. Once the central plan is put place, you can vote, but you can’t choose. Socialism requires a totalitarian form of government to implement that which is planned.

      • Megyn Kelly or Rachel Madcow (you decide)

        Nazis (national socialist party) and fascist are much more aligned with today’s Democratic Party as are communist and socialist.
        I guess it’s part of the all inclusive big tent of the Democratic Party.
        As for which women look better, just watch MSNBC vs FOXNEWS and that question will be answered faster than you can say Fair and Balanced.

        • And the Republican Party is as pure as the driven [white] snow! Didn’t you just love the pictures from the RNC in Tampa. All marching in goose-step,. Oops, my bad, I meant lock-step.

  5. Survival of the Fittest is for Animals Only

    Hmm! All this dualistic thinking. I am this. You are that. Me good, you bad. Come on folks!

  6. MeGYN? YouOB!

  7. Bobbie Herman

    I can’t believe that the people posting all these vicious and mean-spirited comments live in Westport. I always considered this to be a reasonable and open-minded community. Then, again, none of the posters had the guts to use their own names, hiding behind “Anonymous” or other noms de plume. All in response to an invitation to a fund-raiser?

    • Reall? It’s an election year. When you choose up sides you must remember “It ain’t beanbag.” If you don’t want the rancor, don’t choose up sides.

      • Bobbie Herman

        There is never any excuse for incivility.

        • Given the amount of “incivility” that is manifest, evidently there is, at least in the minds of some.

      • Very true. Politics should be passionate, and during an election year, more so. People should care so much that they lose their tempers every now and then, when it is called for.

  8. Do you really believe the poop posted by others than Dan on here. Some idiots just like to get their kicks stirring the pot. Fuggetaboutit.

  9. Hoping there still is an open and fair election day and that all who want to vote can get out the polls (if the electricity is back on)