Blu Parrot Lands In Saugatuck

Surging Saugatuck gets another big boost this Wednesday.

The Blu Parrot flings open its doors. Westport’s newest restaurant — on the site of the old Jasmine, and the older Arrow — offers an inspired menu, and equally intriguing live music.

It’s a big space, and the owners have big plans.

But it’s also the perfect space: the corner of Charles Street and Saugatuck Avenue, easy to get to and near many other new (and old) cool places in that part of town.

The owners are hardly newbies. Adam Lubarsky and Steven Alward are Staples grads (Class of 1973) and old friends. In 1978 — age 23 — they opened the Georgetown Saloon. For 26 years they offered good food, honest prices, and music so kick-ass that Keith Richards was a regular.

Now — back in their home town — Adam says, “We want to elevate the bar.”

Steve’s menu features dishes like oyster po’boys, Bubbe’s brisket sandwich, Moroccan lamb kebabs, bool kogi, and shrimp & grits.

The walls are filled with original works of local artists and photographers: Daryl Hawk, Al Coyote Weiner, Lynn Duebendorfer and Adam’s mother, the late Thelma Lubarsky.

Proud owners Steve Alward (left) and Adam Lubarsky.

But it’s the stage that will make the Blu Parrot special. A “piano man” plays from 5-7 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursday. From 9 p.m. on (Wednesdays through Saturdays) and 6:30-9:30 Sundays, there’s great music. Jazz, rock, country, Brazilian — it’s the Georgetown Saloon, with a Westport twist.

Sunday brunch features gospel. That’s a Saugatuck first.

Speaking of Saugatuck: For decades, the Arrow restaurant was an icon of that tight, close-knit community.

The Blu Parrot will — in its own way — help define the spirit of the new Saugatuck.

Somewhere up above, Lou and Frank Nistico are smiling.

14 responses to “Blu Parrot Lands In Saugatuck

  1. A welcome addition to the Westport scene–wishing them lots of success with this. PS: hope to see some of my very talented and accomplished Staples classmates–Charlie Karp, Brian Keane, Michael Mugrage et al–perform there at some point down the road.

  2. PLEASE, before you open, change your website! No flash drive, no music, no moving parts to try to “catch” the menu with your mouse. Oy vey, restaurant websites never seem to amaze me with their terrible design and functionality.

    • The Blu Parrot Team

      Hi SSM,

      If you have specific thoughts, please feel free to email us at – we’re always happy to have feedback on what we could be doing better.

      We’ve tried to make our website design a bit more unique than the usual restaurant site, and admittedly the UX/navigation is still evolving based on some feedback we’ve received, but again if you have any specific suggestions, please do emails us. In the end, we hope you’ll visit the restaurant and enjoy what we think will be a truly fantastic experience: our food, music and art!

      The Blu Parrot Team

  3. Sank T. Monious

    I wish you three gentlemen the very best. I remember you as the younger siblings of my friends/classmates and its great to see Westport’s native sons succeed in our hometown. I look forward to an evening at TBP when I get back to Westport.

  4. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you.

  5. Saugatuck has it all going on. This sounds fantastic and will look forward to visiting. I remember when Saugatuck was “the other side of the tracks” kind of place although I loved living there on Bridge Street. Has a unique feel to it and glad it is taking it’s rightful place in Westport — it’s special.

  6. Loved you guys when you guys had the Georgetown Saloon and played up there occasionally. I wish you nothing but the best in your new venture…it, too, will be a grand success and I will make the trip down from New Haven County!

  7. Westport Convert

    Question for the Blu Parrot Team –

    I am really looking forward to your new establishment. Any chance you’ll be posting a lineup of the musical acts on your website or Facebook or anything?

    Would love to know when particular entertainment is happening there. The general rundown is nice, but hoping you’ll do something more specific to keep us informed on who is there and when.



  8. Why “Blu” not “Blue?

  9. Wow, Friday/Saturday double-headers!
    Don’t forget Voodoo Carnival and DNR!

  10. Luisa Francoeur

    I just remembered the name of Rick’s competitor in Casablanca – Ferrari, the owner of the Blue Parrot.