Coffee + Pi

Saugatuck, it seems, has it all.

Except a coffee house.

Sure, there’s Dunkin’ Donuts. Commuter Coffee. Cocoa Michelle. But — since the demise of Doc’s — there is no funky, inviting place where you can grab some joe, grab a seat, then sit and yak as long as you’d like.

Or put on headphones, open up your laptop, and get to work.

Chloe Sloat

Soon — assuming she gets past the permitting process — Chloe Sloat will open  Saugatuck’s newest coffee shop.

With an added twist: tutoring.

Coffee + Pi — cute, huh? — is the brainchild of the 2005 Staples (and 2009 Bryn Mawr) graduate. After working with plenty of Westport students — often at the Barnes & Noble cafe, which (with the library) is the go-to spot for tutoring these days — Chloe thought: Why not open up my own spot?

Fortuitously, her father owns a building: 601 Riverside Avenue. The storefront next to Tutti’s has been vacant for a while.

There will be organic coffee, tea and pastries in the morning. Then — in the afternoon — coffee, tea and healthy snacks. Parents can relax upstairs, while their kids receive math, English and SAT tutoring down below.

First though, Chloe needs to get that basement rezoned. Right now it’s designated as office space. In Westport, she says, tutoring is allowed in “retail” spaces only.

Then, Coffee + Pi will be in business.

If the food and beverages are as good — and the tutoring as clever — as the name, she’ll earn an A+.

7 responses to “Coffee + Pi

  1. Westport Convert

    I think it’s an admirable idea, and I do hope she succeeds in a somewhat crowded niche of the market (many prefer to just drop their child off at tutoring and then go to Starbucks).

    Is this Chloe part of the longtime Sloat family? Sam Sloat Coins, the Sloat estate by the beach, etc.?


  2. Sounds great. Love the idea of organic coffee, since coffee is filthy dirty with pesticides.
    Chloe, look into Deans Beans
    They are delicious. Be sure you learn how to handle fresh beans, whatever the brand. Most people in the ‘burbs do a lousy job at keeping their beans fresh and aren’t familiar with the proper practice of using fresh ground beans.
    Good luck!!

  3. Good luck, Chloe. Serve a great cup of coffee and hopefully many of the
    Lemmings that are addicted to Starbucks and its bad, over-brewed coffee, will find you.

  4. Nice that Daddy bought her something to do, wish Tuttis would expand instead.

    • Comments like this are just unnecessary. Her dad owns the building, so what? You come across as petty and jealous and you add nothing constructive to the conversation.

      Good luck Chloe, its a good idea and I wish you well.

  5. I hope now he invests in resurfacing the unsafe pavement in front of both stores and also elimnates the exposed cement tubes that have served as a safety hazard for the past 6 months. This will be a great place potentially to stop and visit while going to and from the train — good luck!

  6. Chloe is Hot!