A Little Relief For Rail Commuters

Metro-North trains whiz past Westport with alarming frequency.

But there’s a bit of light at the end of the (train station) tunnel.

CT Rides — a service of the Connecticut Department of Transportation — now offers “guaranteed rides” to monthly Uniticket shuttle bus riders.

Ticket-holders needing a ride to or from the Saugatuck or Green’s Farms station because of an emergency — like illness, family crisis or working late unexpectedly — can call 1-877-CTRIDES. A taxi will provide station drop-off or pick-up — free.

Eligible commuters can use up to 4 rides a year. They’re available whenever New Haven Line trains are running, and the Westport shuttles are not (mid-day or evening).

No word yet on whether the service is available to commuters screwed over when Metro-North misses its Westport stop.

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