After The Storm

Just when we thought it was over — it wasn’t.

The wind pounded all day yesterday. But the thunder, lightning and heavy rain did not sweep through until after dark.

In its wake, over 2000 customers were without power around midnight.

I’m lucky. Mine went out around 8:30 p.m., and came back around 2:30 a.m.

So — while I’m becoming inured to the fact that power will go over in every big storm — my hat is off to CL&P for getting it back so quickly.

But I know my story is not echoed by everyone in town — particularly the 371 359 customers who still lacked power as of 5 a.m. 6:30 a.m. (Not to mention the Bayberry Lane residents, where an electrical line fire was reportedly still burning this morning.)

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If, that is, you’re able to read this story.

10 responses to “After The Storm

  1. Back to homework by candlelight

    Our power went out right as the kids were coming home from school at 3:30. A shout-out to Fortuna’s Deli for some wonderful hot sandwiches that we got for dinner – we’d never been there but will go back, even when we have power! Eventually the kids realized it was going to be a long outage so they did homework next to the windows, and then by candlelight. And finally by headlamps, since candlelight is romantic but you can hardly read what you write in pencil (guess that is why they wrote in ink back then, but math today is complicated enough and we need the erase function 🙂
    Note to self: the battery life of my new flashlights does not last long enough to read the paper. Need to stock up now for winter…

    • Try the Godfather. Ask for dressing on side if taking out (a tip I got from the guy in line in front of me).

  2. Hi Dan, I believe in Norwalk there is some flooding, about 300 with no power and a lot if tree damage. We too were lucky that we didn’t lose powere.

    I was able to read your blog but not ready it. : )

  3. No shower yet!

    8:30 am Wed: Still out on Juniper Road….

    • Also on Juniper Road without power (Noon), but with generator humming and willing to share hot water, WiFi, an electrical outlet and whatever else neighbors need. A neighbor said that CL&P has said our street’s power will be restored “this afternoon”, but they need to remove the downed tree limb and splice the power cables.

  4. Miraculously, the last two wicked storm threats proved empty and we remained unscathed. Thank God. During the former, I was alone (poor me, right?) and the later, a house-full of family celebrating Jose’s Osso Bucco Birthday Dinner. Is the reason that the generator was armed and ready? Maybe the extensive tree-triming along Lyons Plains? …or my votive candle lit, a la my mom, as when I was a little girl? Perhaps fate wore a little of all three…

  5. Many years ago I ran against Joe Arcudi for First Selectman. He won. I remember that as First Selectman Joe went after CL&P with a vengeance to trim trees to protect the lines. It really worked. The trouble is that trees grow and CL&P is back to reacting to storms in stead of being pro active and regularly trimming in an effective way. The way you know they have been effective is not how soon the power comes back, but how it stays on!

  6. OMG Nick,
    If you had won and gone on for an “automatic” 2nd term, there would be no Farrell-Joseloff 16 years, the Y would be downtown, the Nursing Home idea would be dead, and Westport would be at peace. Think about it 🙂

  7. Saugatuck Island, the bit of Westport that sits in water all the time, took a pounding from high winds. An antique house on the water under renovation lost its attic insulation. The winds tore it out and deposited the pink stuff on neighbors’ lawns. A cover on a jet-ski was ripped by winds and it disappeared – this morning it was nowhere to be found. There was no flooding, and no power outage – it helps not to have trees above the wires. Saugatuck Island Weather Station (the amateur station that I maintain) recorded wind gusts of up to 56 miles per hour.

  8. Wright St is still without power for last 25 hours. We understand it will not be back until 6 PM tomorrow. This is the fifth time for us in 3 years. We are always last on the list. Particularly
    annoying as all the streets around us have
    power and no trees came down.