If You Missed Yesterday’s Slice Of Saugatuck…

…here’s a spectacular view. (Click to enlarge)

Thanks to photographer Terry Cosgrave for capturing a great day, so dramatically and lovingly!

5 responses to “If You Missed Yesterday’s Slice Of Saugatuck…

  1. Beautiful! Great weather, venue, and crowd at another local event! Go Saugatuck!

  2. What a great day and an absolutely phenomenal photo!

  3. Thread Jack:

    Hey Dan…….Whatever happend to the “Apple Festival” that used to be held at Staples High School?

    That was a nice yearly event in Westport as well.

  4. Betty Lou Cummings created the Apple Festival, and she and a corps of volunteers ran it for many years. But it was a huge amount of work, and new volunteers did not step up (as I recall). That’s when it ended.

  5. Is the Whelk to good for the slice!!!!