Saugatuck Church Comes Back

Ten months ago — just 3 days before Thanksgiving — Saugatuck Congregational Church members gathered on their handsome front lawn.

It was night. The smell of smoke hung heavy in the air. The day before, the nearly-2-centuries-old church suffered extensive fire damage.

Ever since, the church has been vacant. Services, 12-step meetings, nursery school — from late fall through winter, on into the spring and summer, none of it happened.

This morning, the front lawn once again pulsed with life. A special worship — followed by lunch, games, prizes and surprises — marked the first visible step on the Saugatuck Church’s road back.

There was even a “blessing of the backpacks,” for the kids.

Over the past long year, the church’s congregation never lost faith.

This morning, that faith came home.

Some of the happy congregants…

…and the scene on the front lawn.

3 responses to “Saugatuck Church Comes Back

  1. We showed the best side of ourselves with the ecumenical response to the fire. I wish we could show the same spirit all of the time.

  2. Thanks, Dan! It was a beautiful, blessing-filled day – and it was so good to be home for the day.

  3. Thank you Dan! Services have been happening and will continue for our congregation at Temple Israel at 10 a.m. each Sunday. One exception: next week (Sept. 16th) we will hold our service at the Seabury Center. Then we are back to Temple Israel for the foreseable future as we build. We truly appreciate the welcome and support we have received from our friends and neighbors.