Blues Views #2

Lynn U. Miller is a good friend — and a great photographer.

“06880” readers are fortunate she was at this weekend’s Blues, Views & BBQ festival — and that she’s sharing her shots of the fun, folks, food and music.

It was a great weekend. Thanks go to all who helped put on Westport’s newest cool tradition (with the Downtown Merchants Association in the lead).

No one asked my opinion, but here it is: Keep the Labor Day weekend date. The blues rocks!

Blue Lemon’s grill station vied with Bobby Q’s for most popular. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

The Levitt was the perfect spot to hear some great, get-up-and-move blues. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

Two kids found the festival fun — and funny. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

What’s a barbecue festival without a beer (or three)? (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

Not The Boss. This weekend, the blues ruled. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

For this kid, the Blues, Views & BBQ Festival was a slam dunk. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

One couple did their Mitt and Ann Romney imitation (and much, much better.) (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

14 responses to “Blues Views #2

  1. Went with my wife and daughter and had an awesome time. Much better, in fact, than in years past. I notice that this was organized by the Downtown Merchant’s Association. Any idea as to why the Chamber of Commerce had no involvement in this event whatsoever? Seems to me this type of event screams for Chamber involvement. Or is the DMA replacing the Chamber in its role as leading Westport businesses through these difficult economic times? In any event, kudos to the organizers, the musicians and to all the participants!

  2. Westport Convert

    Who wants to bet $100 that Mr. Woog wouldn’t dare replace that last caption with the names “Barack Hussein and Michelle Obama”? He will seize any opportunity to make a political jab at the other party.

    Why am I surprised? I guess I shouldn’t be. It has become a typical practice.


    • Either a typical practice, or simply referring to something that happened at the most recent political convention. Take your pick.

      • Lockstep Libs (all march to the same tune)

        Dan has not only become boring, but predictable!
        Why not refer to the awkward Al & Tipper smooch? Or better yet, don’t try to be a Daily Kos or Huff ‘n Puff tool; I thought you were better than that Mr. Civility.
        Isn’t tolerance and acceptance your party’s mantra?

    • Everything is OK

      – Paranoia and persecution complex. Check.

    • You’re truly boring

    • Since we’re in to full names, it could have been “WIllard Mitt Romney and Ann Romney (isn’t she wife #5?)”

      Sorry, but I could not resist

  3. Perhaps if the President was the most recent politician kissing a spouse at the most recent political convention, Mr. Woog may have captioned the photograph as such. I suppose he could have captioned it as Al and Tippper Gore, but that wouldn’t have been as topical. Rather than typical “Dan Woog” practice, I find it a typical “Republican” paranoid reaction !

  4. Fight 4 Freedom

    WC is right and Dan has confirmed as much. It is indeed a typical practice on this blog and as much as I really do love the coverage, the political sniping gets tiring. It is funny that you all immediately jump to accusations of “paranoia.” I guess that is easier then addressing the actual issue.

    • Dan has an agenda. He pushes that agenda. It is his blog, and he is free to do so. You are free to take issue with Dan’s agenda. I don’t think Dan ever claimed to be unbiased.

  5. … bringing us back to Lynn Miller’s magnificent photos.

  6. Lynn’s photos are most definitely magnificent — as always!

  7. Gerry Kuroghlian

    I guess Lynn’s pictures can produce a thousand words. It is too bad they were not praising her amazing eye!

  8. Linda Gramatky Smith

    So I will praise her amazing eye! She is such a fantastic photographer and those two girls giggling and the boy lifting off the ground were terrific. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Thanks for sharing these, Dan.