One Year Ago Today — Scenes From Irene

Posing for posterity, in the parking lot near Klaffs.
If you wanted a Sunday morning breakfast at Crumbs, you were out of luck.
Seawater breaches the Soundview Drive seawall, and races down Danbury Avenue earlier today. (Photo/Betsy Phillips)

6 responses to “One Year Ago Today — Scenes From Irene

  1. Paridise Lost… 😉

  2. Babette d'Yveine

    Not to mention all the trees that were downed.

  3. Old and Grey

    You live by the beach you die by the beach…41+ years and only two major problems. Had three feet in front and backyard, tree on roof in Irene. One year later no sign of damage except high water marks. Irene actually one foot less than no-name 12-92. Roughly 15 bad days out of 15,000. Not a bad ratio.

  4. Maggie Feczko

    Dan, Irene hit us on Sunday, August 28, not the 26th. I will never forget the date since I was scheduled for surgery on the 29th and didn’t know if it would happen because of Irene devastation.

  5. One year later – give or take a few days. It was the 28th. A day that shall live in infamy. To my basement. Which is now delightfully restored. Would never move from my yummy waterfront. I love it and once in 10 years, to have some water in my basement, not so bad. My parents, inland over by Coleytown, get soaked during a big rainstorm. So it all balances out.

  6. What I meant was, it was the Sunday before Labor Day that Irene hit — not the exact date. My bad for not being clearer!