Great Skate

An alert “06880” reader named Tina writes:

I just had to pass on a positive Westport experience.

My 10-year-old son broke his arm at the Compo skateboarding camp yesterday.  I cannot say enough about the excellence and compassion with which the skateboard instructors, Compo first aid crew, paramedics and policemen who responded to the scene handled the situation.

Compo skatepark

My son was in a lot of pain and pretty scared. The first responders all beat me to the skatepark. I was so relieved to seem him in such great hands when I got there. Everyone was professional, competent, and treated him with such caring and kindness. These people are all obviously in the right jobs.

Not only were they able to address his immediate medical needs, but they took the time to talk to my son and calm him as much as possible. They even said goodbye and wished him well before they left us.

Those are the breaks.

When we returned to the skatepark later in the day to pick something up, the instructors said they were about to call and check on my son. They then spent time talking to him, giving a pep talk and wishing him well.

I definitely felt that great “small town” feeling yesterday, and wanted to pass it on.

As for the broken arm, the patient reports, “It’s a small price to pay for such a great sport!” He plans to be back at Compo skateboard camp next year.

9 responses to “Great Skate

  1. What a great note. It makes me proud to be in a town like Westport.

  2. great story and i bet his peers didn’t charge him 10 bucks for helping him out.

  3. maybe you should read the preceding story

  4. my son used to skate board at compo skate park all the time when he was younger. he was taught by Dane and his crew. i can’t say enough about the patience and care Dane has for the kids. By the end of each summer the kids and instructors become a little family. they help and guide one another, cheer each other’s accomplishments and land a hand when they fall. it’s such a wonderful experience. i couldn’t get over the camaraderie and general kindness i witnessed on the ramps. every kid should should spend some time at the compo skate park. i miss it.

  5. Great article. I was working when it happened and was the first one to take care of him when he ran out of the park going into shock from the fresh break. I calmed him down and had him lie down on the bench and had him breathe deeply and close his eyes. Matt is very strong and fearless, as he didn’t shed a tear at that point and just listened to everything I was telling him, so I then proceeded to get ice on it and care for him while another co worker got the numbers we needed to call and took care of that. Matt is a very nice and strong boy and we all hope him a speedy recovery and cant wait to see him back on a board next year! Thanks for the post.

  6. Free Fallin'

    My 8 y.o. son just finished a couple of weeks with Chris, Cole, Eddie and the rest, and I totally agree, the are all very good and professional.
    My son had a great time with them and learned a lot.
    I wish your son a speedy and full recovery!
    It happens, I broke my arm in three places on a skateboard many years ago.
    At least he’ll have a great story when he goes back to school!

  7. My 14 year old has been skating down at the park for a few years now. He has always come home with great experirences and stories. The crew down there should be commended because they don’t care how old or how good of a skater you are. They are always ready to give you advice and words of encouragment. They really do look out for the kids. Wheneve I go to pick him up they are always laughing and cracking jokes. Keep up the good work!

  8. Love, love, love the skate park and everyone who works there. Dedicated, fun and easy to be around. When Matthew broke his arm yesterday the attention and knowledge of what to do was immediate. My son is Will, one of the instructors, and he is 15 years old and from “broken arm” from skating experience knew how to handle the situation. Props to Will, Eddie, Chris, Cole & Cheryl for all that they do for the kids!!!!!!!!