Alex And Paul Row For Their Lives

During his 7 years at the Saugatuck Rowing Club, Alex Vogt knew of Paul Green.

Paul Green works out at the Saugatuck Rowing Club.

Everyone does. The 88-year-old rows every day. It keeps his Parkinson’s at bay — and gives him the strength and energy to run a foundation, Nevah Surrendah! (It’s named for Winston Churchill’s famous vow.)

At the beginning of this summer, Alex’s coach asked him if he could follow behind Paul in a safety launch. Of course, the 2011 Staples graduate said.

They’ve been a team ever since.

Every day Alex carries Paul’s boat, helps him in, and follows behind. He watches admiringly as Paul goes out and back, 1000 meters, like clockwork.

“It’s so awesome to see an 88-year-old out there. He’s rowing and fighting Parkinson’s,” Alex says. “And he’s so interesting to talk to.”

Alex Vogt (Photo/

Alex asks about Paul’s amazing life (including the 4 languages he speaks).

Paul asks about Alex’s life as a rising sophomore at George Washington University (including his rowing career there).

“It’s been a humbling experience,” Alex says.

“I just hope when I’m that old, I’m half as active as Paul.”

5 responses to “Alex And Paul Row For Their Lives

  1. Long-time Westporter

    I know Paul from his many years as a volunteer at Norwalk Hospital. He’s a great guy and an inspiration to us all.

  2. I shared a classroom at Bedford when Paul spoke to the students on Veterans Day. He was the Captain of one of the small landing ships at Normandy. Quite a story. He told the students that he received average grades, so he didn’t get assigned to the “big ships” like the Ensigns at the top of the class. They were stationed on the battleships and cruisers like the Indianapolis, which met a terrible fate.

  3. Many know Paul to be an inspiration of life. I am grateful he is part of mine.

  4. Paul is the most amazing, inspirational person . It is so great to see someone young that recognizes all Paul “IS” !!!!! Totally !!

  5. Paul Green was one of our first customers to walk through our doors!!!!! Truly a genuine man and is a part of our lives everyday at Elviras!!! Love ya Paul!!!!