Bob Zappi Packs For Tampa

Several years ago, under Democratic first selectman Dianne Farrell, property revaluations were postponed due to a 6-year backlog in assessments. Republican Town Committee chairman Pete Wolgast urged party members to get involved in local politics.

Bob Zappi heeded the call.

The long-time Westporter — a Cub Scout pack leader, basketball and baseball coach, church leader and Mercy Learning Center board member — stepped up. He quickly rose through the RTC ranks, to chairman. He stepped down several months ago, to work at the party’s state and federal levels.

Later this month, Bob heads to Tampa. Duty calls: He’ll join the Connecticut delegation, as a guest at the Republican National Convention.

Bob’s had a long career in marketing. He moved to Westport 24 years ago, to join MCA. He later joined Ryan Partnership. A few years ago he formed his own consulting firm, Catalyst. Nowadays he consults for Fortune 500 firms. A year ago he started a political fundraising company, PierceZappi. Among its clients: US Senate candidate Chris Shays, and the state Republican party.

Bob looks forward to his 1st convention. He anticipates “a gargantuan room filled with like-minded people.” He is eager to hear their takes on important issues.

He got a taste of national politics this winter, at the Republican National Committee meeting in New Orleans. Party leaders from around the country shared “war stories” — everything from the nuts and bolts of getting out the vote, to behind-the-scenes action in Senate races.

Bob is eager too to get to know the 100 or so Connecticut delegates and guests. The 4-day event will be filled with events, meetings and social opportunities.

Bob Zappi (right) and Mitt Romney.

The chance to meet presumptive nominee Mitt Romney is low. Bob has spent time with him before, in small groups, and is impressed with the former Massachusetts governor’s “ability to drive forward to positive solutions.”

So if Bob could meet any Republican bigwig in Tampa, who would it be?

He names two. There’s Florida Senator Marco Rubio — “smart, articulate, with a great family background.”

And South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

“I spent 5 years as chairman making the Republican Town Committee younger and more female,” Bob says. “Now, our chairman and two vice chairs are women.

“The Republican Party is trying to appeal to a broader demographic, nationally. I think we’ve already won seats in Westport because of that.”

24 responses to “Bob Zappi Packs For Tampa

  1. Bob’s a great guy.

    Meet Alan West at the convention. An ex Army Colonel who saw combat in Iraq, Alan is an articulate member of Congress who should be on Romney’s short list.

    • He’s a complete loon and a reckless and dangerous man, and his name is Allen. He’s not getting re-elected. Also, didn’t Romney already pick someone?

  2. Fighting for Freedom

    Best of luck, Bob. Enjoy it! I’m shocked this got coverage on Dan’s blog. But we’ll take it!

  3. Northeast republicans sure like themselves some greedy, self-interested, no taxes, screw-everyone-else conservatism. Guns, too. When they congregate with their national peers they get to wallow in stew of racism, misogyny and homophobic radicalism that is the heart and soul of the grassroots GOP. It’s a good thing Mr. Zappi will be there to bring CT civility to those that seek to divide us.

  4. Bob is a thoughtful, decent man and an effective organizer who helped reshape and energize the Republican Town Committee in Westport. He was a big help to us in the last election in town. Sorry to see him leave that post and leave our town, but happy that he is remaining involved in the GOP scene.

    And thanks Dan for surprising me with this post on your blog, I admire and respect you even more now (if that’s possible). I do wonder if this will degenerate into a sea of negative political statements, but that’s always possible here (perhaps part of the attraction?)

  5. Shock! Surprise!
    Bob’s a class act…so is Dan.
    Nuthin’ to figure 🙂

    • Agree with Tom . . . almost. Everyone mentioned above is a class act.
      With the huge exception of Adam West. His is an act, with absolutely no class. He is a disgrace to his constituents, his State and to the U.S. Congress.

  6. Ha. Let’s not besmirch the original Batman. The wingnut congressman from Florida is really Allen West.

    • Fighting for Freedom

      No. It’s Adam West, as Gary Singer states. Unlike Adam, Col. Allen West is a class act and is not afraid to speak his mind even though he is in the clear minority. An african-american Republican… SHOCKING!!! I personally love it. Power to the people, Mr. Yemma.

  7. West’s awards and decorations include the Bronze Star; Meritorious Service Medal (two Oak Leaf Clusters); Army Commendation Medal (three Oak Leaf Clusters, one Valor Device); Army Achievement Medal (one Oak Leaf Cluster); Valorous Unit Award; Air Assault Badge; and the Master Parachutist Badge (over 55 jumps).

  8. Do you know how to google? Mr. “fighting for freedom,” if that really is your name

  9. you go Bob! Gary Singer are your ears ringing? I now live in your town here in FL & Joan Constantikes told me to look you up We were at a party together. Now that I know you’re a Republican I will!

  10. just came back from my 60th class reunion. You think we’re old? No way!!! 4 days of partying & I’m still standing. Drove around Wesport for nostalga reasons & found the town gorgeous. Plantings & flowers all over donated (I assume from various nurseries). New facing on downtown stores, found the sales people absolutely gracious. However, I did notice one thing. The women I saw looked like the steppford wives. Tennies, raquet, long straight hair pulled back in a pony tail. Oh but don’t I wish I could run around like that! I’m not critizing just making a statement. Love my Westport.