Wild Things

The recent hot, rainy weather has taken its toll. And not just on humans.

Recent conditions have created perfect conditions for West Nile virus-bearing mosquitoes to breed.

Coyotes, meanwhile, have suffered. One sick puppy — literally — was put down yesterday, on Bobwhite Drive.

It’s been a wonderful summer in Westport. But be careful out there.

A mange-ridden coyote. (Photo/Stephanie Stallone, courtesy WestportNow.com)

7 responses to “Wild Things

  1. Taxidermy !

  2. Poor Little Guy / Gal.

    I hope he/she is having a nice time in animal heaven chasing rabitts, cats and small dogs!

  3. Pitiful pup…never had the love of a human to nurture it.

  4. cuckoo…roadrunners are found chiefly in arid country from the southern U.S. to Central America….not Westport

  5. oops…slow on the uptake yesterday…Wile E. Coyote will never catch The Road Runner…beep, beep!