Sorry, We Don’t Serve You Here

When you walk into Gold’s one of the first things you see is a big sign:

Kinda hard to miss.

But let’s say you’re jonesing for a corned beef on rye. You can’t think — or see — straight. So you stop at the first counter you see.

And there’s a second sign:

(Photos/Judy Crowley Simonetti)

Even harder to miss than the first, no?


Day after day, week after week, month after month, customers wait — often in a long line — at the front counter.

When they finally place their order — corned beef on rye, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and mustard! — these folks are shocked, shocked to learn that sandwiches are ordered AT THE BACK COUNTER.


23 responses to “Sorry, We Don’t Serve You Here

  1. Just one more example that people not only don’t listen to what you are saying, but also do not read what has been written in LARGE, BLOCK LETTERS that could not be missed unless you happened to be blind!

  2. That’s why my friends and I don’t go there anymore.

  3. When I have a Gold’s sandwich on my mind, I don’t see straight either.


  5. What could be worse? Standing on the long line trying to pay for your lunch while others try to keep you from getting ahead of them cause they think you are line busting. But you can’t pay at the back and you can’t pay the waitress.
    But it’s still worth it. Great sandwiches.

  6. Better than Katz

    Gold’s is the best! The sandwiches, waitresses, counter guys and their cookies.
    I love it, my kids love it, but my wife thinks the matzo ball soup is better at Oscar’s.

  7. Westport Convert

    I have found the service to be better at Oscar’s. The food is pretty much on the same level as Gold’s, though.


  8. Old and Grey

    It’s not about whether or not Gold’s is the best…it’s about jerks that can’t or won’t read the posted signs…just another example of the I ‘m entitled it doesn’t apply to me “Neuvo-Westportian” culture.

  9. Hire a Walmart Greeter and
    Everybody’s happy and 1 new job created.

  10. Doug Conner

    It’s akin to Starbucks customers being repeatedly corrected: “Tall, grande or venti”.

  11. Old and Grey

    I wouldn’t know…I just like a good ole “”cup o’ joe”.

  12. I did not grow up in Westport. My mother moved us up to Weston after my parents split up when I was 12. We discovered Gold’s Deli when my mother found a job at Brook’s Hirsch [sp?]. The best ham and swiss on rye I’d ever had with the crunchy crust on the bread. Then we discovered the cheese cake! OMG! The best cheese cake ever! When I turned 16 I had a Sweet 16 sleep-over party with all of my girlfriends. We went to Powder Horn Hill to go skiing all day Saturday. Instead of birthday cake my mother bought two full sized cheese cakes – one strawberry and one blueberry. Heaven! I thought for sure I would have put on ten pounds with as much cheese cake that I ate, but I actually lost five pounds. LOL! I moved away from Westport [we were living there on Palmieri Road then behind Steak and Brew] in 1974. I think Martha Stewart had moved there at that time and had a huge house and property [Was it off of Turkey Hill?]. Anyway, do they still have that incredible cheese cake?

    Jewish Delis everywhere have the reputation that if you follow the rules everything will be hunky-dory. If you do not follow the rules . . well . . there would be a problem. Sadly, people who feel that they are above the law/rules – that they do not apply to them – and have a huge entitlement issue no matter what they are doing are everywhere – especially in Fairfield County and anywhere else where the people are super wealthy. The ‘Old Money’ generations from days gone by – where people might have been snobs, but they had some class – are dying off now. The grandchildren are taking over and many of them are ‘trust fund’ babies who don’t work because they inherited their wealth. Some [not all] of them have huge entitlement issues. I have known or met many of them over the years. To me they are rude, insolent, arrogant and self righteous. They are irritating and unbearable. Boring! >^..^<

  13. Golds is not Oscars. Golds is a Kosher deli, STRICT. Oscars is kosher “like”. (big difference, at least if you were raised on these types of foods).

    • Cheese on my (meat) sandwich; milk in my coffee – according to my Bubbie, that’s not kosher.

      • Sorry, They will NOT MELT cheese on your meat, no way… just put it on top. & so what, milk in your coffee… ask the owner!

  14. I love Gold’s and am there often. The employees and I often laugh about the signs and find it funny that people overlook them. They even offered that perhaps it is because the sign is blue, that it doesn’t stand out enough. Just a silly fun photo, a good laugh I share with the folks at Gold’s. I should have figured it would turn out to be a golden opportunity for everyone to mock people and call them names. Doesn’t anyone just laugh at irony anymore? Where are the good hearted fun people? Lighten up! All the complaints about Westport are pretty silly, when you consider what the complaints are for people just 15 minutes away – being shot, hungry, homeless, etc. Or people being gunned down by their own government.

    Every once in a while, just look around and be happy for what you have. See fun in the irony of a situation and try not to run straight to nastiness. Traffic is brutal, people are rude, there are bad drivers, people park askew, people may not notice a huge sign … not the end of the world! Laugh it off, you may start to look around and realize you are lucky to live here and life isn’t all that bad after all.


    • Old and Grey

      Liberalism at it’s best

      • What’s worse?? — Being shot 15 minutes away or being literally run over by a latte guzzling crazed SUV driver in Westport who doesn’t care that there is a pedestrian trying to cross the intersection, or a red light, or a stop sign — after all their life is more important, right? People are allowed to give their opinions about what has happened to a beloved town without be accused of being ungrateful, heavy hearted or petty. Westport can be a great force for good which it is still, no doubt but it can also be run into the ground by the new entitled attitudes which is also occurring right along side the great things about Westport. We drive through every summer which I love to do –after all, I spent my young years growing up in Westport and there is no other town like it really, — but the road aggression/rage in Westport is staggering. Just imo, to which I’m entitled.

  15. “Latte guzzling crazed SUV driver” wow. That is quite a description. Any chance there are some crazed divers in a Prius too? Or is this just a message about SUV drivers. I have an SUV. I never use my cell phone, in fact it is in my purse, on the passenger side floor when I drive. I don’t guzzle anything when I drive. I am very respectful of everyone on the road, and of my 16 month old in the back. I think any parent driving while texting/talking on the phone should be charged with Risk of Injury. My post wasn’t really a post advocating for driving like a lunatic and running people over. By the way, I would imagine the person being gunned down feels pretty badly about it, as does their family, or the family of an innocent child who was caught in the crossfire. I would also imagine the person being hit by a car does as well, as would thier family. My point was, we are truly lucky to live here. People get hit by cars in every town and in every city. In most cases it is an accident … negligent accident, but an accident (unless it is a lovers quarrel :)). I was in Darien and was almost hit by a CAR, by someone who wasn’t guzzling a latte (would it matter if it was a cup of coffee or is this an issue you have with lattes and SUVs in general). I would love to live in a world where nobody ever got into a car accident ever again. Is there such a town? An accident free town? Before there were SUVs and lattes, there were car accidents. Horse and buggy accidents? Not sure. I don’t think I have actually ever seen anyone “guzzle a latte while driving crazed”. I’ll start keeping score.

    I have been here since 1971. I was born here. My dad went to Staples High School. I love this town. I do roll my eyes at the fact that when I smile at someone I don’t know, they don’t smile back. I greatly dislike the lack of manners being passed from overly entitled adults to overly entitled children. My husband and I sometimes wonder if this is the right place to raise our daughter. There are issues with this town, as there are with every town and city. This is not the Westport I grew up loving, but I CHOOSE to live here. I miss Selective Eye, Big Top, Ships and Crowbar directing traffic! But, I love more than I dislike about Westport, so try to stick to the positive and remain truly grateful that I live in a beautiful town.

    Sometimes it is nice to see what you have, feel fortunate, laugh at irony and not always look to the regular talking points/the predictable rhetoric. I hope one day we can all sit back and feel good about the fact that we live in a town with a beautiful beach, the sensational Saugatuck River, great school systems, love the new and old traditions, enjoy the ability to walk downtown and have lunch, a growing economy – new businesses opening up, and be happy we have 06880 – a free exchange of ideas and a delightful host in Dan Woog to boot and maybe have a good day! I’m probably asking too much.

    I guess I’m just a hokey person, happy for what I have, grateful to live in this great town, even though it has its faults, and just trying to live a with a lighter attitude. We are all entitled to our opinions … it’s America!

    Serioulsy, have a good day! Smile!

  16. The sandwhiches arent oversized, the floors and walls could use some elbow grease and they need a grill up front spinning well done franks. That said, I wouldnt trade it for any other restaurant in town. It’s the one place in town I feel my Brooklyn roots. Jimmy and his staff are top notch.