The Buck Stops With Andrew Gai

You know how excited golfers are when they shoot their age?

Mary Gai is telling everyone her son Andrew shot her age.

She’s 59.

That’s a Longshore course record.

Andrew Gai, after a recent championship match.

Andrew’s 10 birdies earlier today helped him beat the old mark. According to George Buck, his father — the long-time Longshore pro, also named George Buck — held the record for many years. Mary says that record was 62.

That means Andrew — who as a sophomore in 2009 led Staples to an undefeated record, and the state championship — beat Buck’s mark by a phenomenal 3 strokes.

“I’m sure 59 will be the mark forever,” George Jr. says.

Unless, a few years from now, Andrew shoots his own age.

There’s no rush. Andrew is only 19 years old.

19 responses to “The Buck Stops With Andrew Gai

  1. WOW ! Way to go. 🙂

  2. My husband and I were arguing tonight which one of us was Andrew’s first golf coach.. both of us want credit. Mine was the kitchen golf course with paper cup holes.. my husband Andy’s lessons were at Longshore.

  3. Our own Rory McIlroy!

  4. Eric Buchroeder

    Share the credit there’s plenty to split. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

  5. Eric Buchroeder

    Patti says you deserve ALL the credit MPG. And congratulations again!!!!!

  6. Incredible! To shoot 59 at Longshore is amazing. To do it in its current condition is a miracle (what happened to the greens?).

    Well done / congratulations.

  7. What an amazing score!! Congrats Andrew! Given the condition of the greens that is an amazing round.

    In all seriousness what is the town doing, or should I say not doing, with the condition of the course. It is the worst I have seen in years. It is a shame to see a town gem being in such terrible condition.

  8. i’ve heard joe folino shot 58.

  9. Yada Yada Ryan Burke shot 61 and killed half a handle.That’s imppressive! I think sweets was on the bag.

  10. Mary gets the credit!

  11. Fred Cantor

    Hey Mary, congrats to your son! That’s very impressive. (He managed to beat my personal best, which I shot many years ago, by 40 strokes.)

  12. Westporter4ever

    WOW! That is fantastic! My brother and I spent many many hours taking lesson’s from George Sr & Jr..I can’t think of anyone better to beat the record. Congrats to all! Does anyone know if George Jr still plays the drums? I credit my fan status of Dokken and the late Ronnie James Dio to him…he introduced my brother to great music, which I then picked up (i know this is random..but it is very true!)

  13. Incredible!!! Great genes no doubt.

  14. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    George Buck (the senior) taught me everything I know about golf and for that I am forever grateful. I have a real solid swing and knowledge of the game that has stayed with me – 50 years after those golf lessons.

  15. Great Job! Fantastic achievement Andrew, you have a bright future ahead of you. Keep it up…. the good play that is!

    Your playing partners must have been really excited to watch you achieve such a incredible score. You must show us the signed and attested score card, such as is required for any and all usga acknowledge, and submitted scores.

    Rich McMasters shot a 59 a way back also. He did not have a PR machine quite so aggressive, and unaware of history at Longshore, etc.

    Funny, we have a Head Professional, John Cooper at Longshore, does he know about this? He’s been Pro for 20+ years. No mention of his comments / history of scores at Longshore, he’s played here since highschool, 40+ yrs. Doesn’t George Buck Jr. live in New Hampshire?

    It (your incredible, infrequent, lightning in a bottle,performance) would have been so much more palatable, if there was credible reporting of where Andrew’s score stood in relation to the other great, talented, prolific, golfers that have graced our fine, town “Gem”, Longshore Golf Course. Here in westport since…… 1932 ish.

  16. Perplexed.. here you go.. from another local blog
    Yes, Chris and John know.. .they still have the card which was appropriately signed. Thanks for being so thorough. (Andrew’s PR Machine, A.K.A his mom)
    Gayla Halbrecht
    9:12 am on Wednesday, August 1, 2012
    I witnessed this extraordinary feat by this very mature young man. Most impressive!
    Congratulations, Andrew, once again. I look forward to seeing you on tour – soon!

    Gayla Halbrecht, former resident of Westport and avid golfer.

    Mary Gai
    10:48 am on Wednesday, August 1, 2012
    Oh Gayla.. I am so glad you were there! Thank you so much for being there and taking the time to talk to the pros at Longshore. Coming from an avid golfer like yourself, this means so much. .. Andrew’s mom, Mary Palmieri Gai

  17. Thanks so much for that, It does put a more accountable spin on the story, with his accomplishment he joins a very short list of golfers who have attained that score. A most remarkable achievement.