Alex Perkins: Not Just Another Face In The Crowd

I’ve got a pretty good handle on the local sports scene. But Sports Illustrated threw me a curveball this week.

Alert “06880” reader Bill Ryan alerted me to this week’s “Faces in the Crowd.” The very first face was a rower: “Alex Perkins, Westport, Conn.”

Never heard of him.

Alex Perkins

Turns out he went to Kent School, where last year he was a member of the junior national team.

This year, at the University of Washington, Alex helped the freshman men’s eight to a 3-length victory over Brown at the Henley Royal Regatta. The Husky freshman team was undefeated all season.

His US Rowing bio says he began rowing in 2006, at the Saugatuck Rowing Club.

Rowing doesn’t get much press. And we hadn’t heard anything about Alex Perkins.

But winning at Henley is very impressive.

We’ll take him.

4 responses to “Alex Perkins: Not Just Another Face In The Crowd

  1. Gee, Dan….we still may be the only people in Westport who know about this guy! Maybe he is a latter day Sidd Finch….the creation of SI’s writers.

  2. Westporter since 1970

    Included among Westport athletes at or associated with this year’s Olympics is Kyle Martino, commentator on women’s soccer. He’s on right now.

  3. Westporter since 1970

    Kyle DeMartino, that is. Apologies.

  4. Westporter since 1970

    Ooops… right the first time. Kyle Martino.