You’ve Got To Get Up Pretty Early…

…to reserve a Compo Beach picnic table for tonight’s fireworks.

And, as alert “06880” reader Chip Stephens saw just after 8 a.m., this woman did.

She’s observing the no-saving-tables-unless-you’re-actually-there rule.

Here’s wishing her and her friends a wonderful cookout.

And, for her sake, I hope they’ve planned a few shifts.

20 responses to “You’ve Got To Get Up Pretty Early…

  1. Jamie Walsh

    Somebody get her some sunblock, a hat and an umbrella…she’s gonna roast!

  2. It has been 30 years since I have been to Compo for the fireworks. Nothing but fond memories. Enjoy Westport!

  3. It’s so wrong

  4. Andy Yemma

    Bet somebody hired her for the day. Well it’s a job.

  5. Eric Buchroeder

    Wrong? She obviously wants that table and is willing to pay the price to get it. What better way is there to spend your time than at Compo Beach on a summer’s day? Westport is so egalitarian!!! Even the richest 1% have to wait their turn just like the poorest 99% when it comes to a table on Compo south beach for the fireworks.

  6. Eric Buchroeder

    Are you telling me she is a hired gun? Say it isn’t so!!!!!!

  7. Eric Buchroeder

    Of course if she’s a domestic worker being paid to stake out a claim then maybe she’s smarter than the person who’s paying her. Liberte, Egalite Fraternite Toujours!!!!

  8. It is great that she is following the rules—it isn’t always the case!

  9. Putting two tables together doesn’t add up to one large table. (A large potted plant makes me want to say “nice try!”.) Who is watching the other table?? Therefore this rule is being broken.

  10. The thought of jostling over space at Compo with my fellow Westporters on fireworks day/night gives me a deep case of agita. Crazy fun I’m sure.

  11. Kirsten Woods

    This is an amazing day/night for the town of Westport! Townwide party!
    who cares if people stake out a spot in the AM- there’s plenty of room and if you need a lime or an extra hotdog bun everyone is willing to share.
    Happy fourth see ya at the Party!

  12. Gary Singer

    We have some wonderful memories of July 4th at Compo. But fearful of the traffic exiting the beach, we solved the problem by jumping aboard our good friend, Ed VanGelder’s boat, “The Dutch Treat,” and enjoying the show from a few hundred yards out. Thanks, Ed.

    • One of the most harrowing experiences of my life was coming back into the Compo Beach marina after a night watching the fireworks on a friends’ boat. It was like the Yankee retreat after the first battle of Bull Run, only more chaotic.

      • Gary Singer

        You’re right, Dan, but after a few hours of watching fireworks, drinking Martinis and a case of beer, no one noticed the chaos.

  13. They had three exits last night. I hung around and except for about 15 minutes, there was constant movement out.

  14. Crikey! As Syrian children have their throats cut, people are talking about tables at a beach? OK, you’ll no doubt be able to rationalize this away.

  15. It’s my mom … we’ve been saving that table for about 18 years (and yes, we do shifts). Come by next year and have food … xo The Wauchopes

  16. Vanessa Wauchope

    It’s true – Kathleen Wauchope is the culprit! We take turns – that’s what she gets for having 5 children – 5 hired guns! We have been arriving at 6am since we moved to Westport 25 years ago – Happy 4th!!