J. McLaughlin Folding (Again)

Once upon a time, J. McLaughlin was one of Main Street’s many clothing stores.

That space didn’t work out.

About a year and a half ago, though, the store — described by the Philadelphia Business Journal as a place “where you can get wasp cufflinks and where men’s socks are called ‘hosiery'” — returned to Westport.

The new spot was a couple of miles away on Post Road East, opposite Arcudi’s Aux Delices.

The Post Road East store. (Images/WWD)

Racked.com noted the event:

New Yorkers know J. McLaughlin for its tiny, preppy stores on the Upper East Side and in Brooklyn Heights. But in Westport, Connecticut, the chain has opened a store that’s five times the size of the typical McLaughlin space.

The 5,500-square-foot shop is organized like a bazaar, with stalls based on themes like resortwear and nautical gear. This “street of shops” concept lets merchandisers have fun with details—in one area, for example, the brightly patterned Catalina tee sits surrounded by equally busy wallpaper swathes. It also lets the brand experiment with different kinds of merchandise, including an urban line that WWD describes as “modern, clean, [and] toned-down,” words that don’t usually apply to McLaughlin’s cheerfully deranged, too-much-gin-at-the-regatta aesthetic.

Apparently though, that space didn’t work either.

A sales clerk said they’re closing July 15. She did not give any more details, and said there was no manager in the store to talk.

Perhaps the 3rd time’s the charm.

7 responses to “J. McLaughlin Folding (Again)

  1. guess they lost their shirt……

  2. Childless Cathy

    Not surprised. That space was huge and there were never more than 2-3 cars in the parking lot. Too bad they closed their outlet store in SoNo when they opened the Westport store. When they did, I was told all their outlets were closing, but more sales would be offered. Well, their idea of a sale and mine are different. Even at 70 percent off, their stuff was expensive.

  3. Elisabeth Keane

    That space originally was occupied by Hay Day. Oh, how I miss Hay Day.

  4. I’m out of my yuppy faze about 5 years now but I used to shop there. My opinion was Nordstrom prices with J Crew quality.