Terrain’s Quick Sale

Alert “06880” reader John Karrel spotted this sign outside Terrain:

He writes:

“I wonder if the ballyhooed new addition to Westport over-ordered for its gala, pre-Mother’s Day opening a month and a half ago.”

And, John asks:

“Does this sale bring some prices more in line with Anthony’s, Daybreak, Geiger’s & Izzo’s?”

9 responses to “Terrain’s Quick Sale

  1. You can't please everyone..,

    I really like the place, bought some very nice rose bushes (on sale), their coffee is excellent and the locals they employee are very nice.
    No complaints here.

  2. A commuter, who loves westport.

    service was terribly slow. I waited 30 minutes in line to buy one small item. Car parking is a joke– had to wait 15 minutes just to find a parking spot. vallet service seemed confused and overwhelmed. I want to like the place, I really do. But after 3 attempts, its just too frustrating to shop there.

  3. Maggie Feczko

    Their plant prices are comparable to other good nurseries and they have a fantastic selection.. All garden stores go on sale at this time of year. Some of the home and personal items are pricey …like the $646 back pack….but most are within reason. I enjoy the store and think its a great addition to Westport retail. What looks better on the Post Road…an empty dilapidated Curran Cadillac or blooming busy Terrain? Plus they are rehabbing the house at the corner of Crescent. It is a historic property that they could have demolished but after encouragement by the HDC they decided to restore. Yea!

    • Linda Smith

      This is great news, Maggie, about restoring the house. I remember it as a dress shop (anyone remember the name?) and going there with my mom in the 70s. It was really great looking (the building).

  4. Craig Babson-Smith

    I’m shocked!! I would’ve thought that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had paid tripe top dollar for everything in their entire inventory!!

  5. I drove by Terrain the other day and notice they really should invest in a lawn mower.

    The weeds out by the Post Road are getting pretty tall and need a good mowing.

  6. This place is ridiculously over priced. If someone on here says its comparable to another nursery – than great, its comparable to another OVER PRICED nursery. If you think the prices are fair, then you must have money burning a gigantic hole in your pocket.

  7. A commuter, who loves westport.

    Yes– and for those prices, you do expect better service. I would stand in line and wait for a bargain. But not for $100.00 small potted plant. Stew’s here I come…

  8. Well, (I) think…. Terrain should at least be thanked for superior creativity! A++! to me,the entire place is ENCHANTING. Acres of landscape wonders and ART– creative finds from all over the world–and, Noone can top the decor– and the feeling being in a ‘very well thought out– artistic space’…..Just as with Anthropologie, it is about Imagination/invention/Color! Experimentation and discovery!– I absolutely love it– Part of their plan is to excite you with visual possibilities….It is the part of that business that, literally, allows everyone– the chance to ‘be an artist.” ……..free classes!
    Personally, I am glad that they have a fabulous–huge!! cottage garden to drive by and watch…as opposed to the crumbling car dealership and blacktop– Their gardens are freebies for everyone here in Westport to enjoy
    ~ a very expensive growing gift for this community~
    So, when they have a sale– take advantage of it– these are specimen perinneals; they’ll be back!
    Are there some glitches, I’m sure…. Is it expensive? maybe-yes, but, I’d give them a chance– glitches are glitches.
    And, this is coming from a person who (was!) turned away when they were packed for dinner– (my glitch!)

    Thank you, Terrain!!! What a beautiful place you’ve created for us.