Men At Work

There’s a tiny patch of land adjacent to Mansion Clam House and Bridge Street.

Most of us never notice it. But alert “06880” reader Scott Witkin was eating lunch at Rizzuto’s, and happened to glance over.

The not-very-big plot of grass near Mansion Clam House.

He watched in amazement as a 4-person DOT crew methodically rolled out a 60-inch mower, 2 weed whackers and a backpack blower — all to cut what Scott figures is less than 100 square feet of grass.

Oh, yeah:  The entire time they were parked in the right-hand turn lane from Bridge to Riverside.

“It took more time to load and unload that Lorax of a machine than to cut the actual grass — by a factor of 15X,” Scott says.

He adds a PS:  “And why the state can’t bid that out to a local landscaper?”

A close-up view, a couple of days after mowing. They didn’t do a particularly good job.

8 responses to “Men At Work

  1. Westporter4ever

    ““And why the state can’t bid that out to a local landscaper?” because 1)the state knows most of the local landscapers are illegals and get paid by cash only or 2) the legitimate landscaping business have to charge too much, because they are paying OBSCENE amount of taxes to have employees or have resorted to working by themselves an would be able to manage one more piece of property..OR..3) State employees are Union workers…enough said there. I agree that it does seem wasteful, and there is always a better way to do thing…however even that little stretch of land probably has enough red tape to lead all the way to the Capitol. (I apoligize for my venting mood…there are just alot of struggling people in the trades these days many of which are friends and family)

  2. Must of us cut the Town or State Rights of Way (owned by everyone) and think nothing of the efffort. Perhaps the restaurant could assume this function, it is impacted more than most.

    They could surely post a sign pointing out their “good citizenship”.

    Our condo association trims our areas everytime we are mowed.

  3. Dan, do you spell “sleazy corrupt state agency” with one “sleazy” or two? … This little sample of highway dept. efficiency is nothing compared to many, many stories I’ve heard …

  4. I would highly doubt the state made a special trip to cut that. A crew that size is typical for any landscaping crew. That happens to be a small spot.

  5. How long were they there? I don’t think this is a big deal. If the state didn’t cut it, we would no doubt hear a chorus of complaints, noting that it’s only a small patch.

  6. Unions are killing America’s small towns, said Colbert, “Their demands for a livable wage and accessible fire exits have gutted our economy.”

  7. John McManus

    Reminds me of a riddle my father once
    asked me.” What is orange and sleeps 3? A Ct. State highway truck”

  8. Hey John, that’s a very funny riddle thank your dad and I hope you don’t mind but I will be using that in the future to get laughs every time I’m stuck in traffic for what appers to be nothing on I 95.