“Real Housewives” — Really?

Let me say right up front: I have never watched “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Or “…of New York City.” Or Winnipeg, or anywhere else these women pop up.

Jonathan Schindler and Heather Thomson.

But people do, I am told, so “06880” dips its toe into the reality TV world to report that in the current season (5) of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Heather Thomson’s husband is Jonathan Schindler.

Heather — according to Wetpaint.com, a reality TV blog (I can’t believe I’m writing this) — is the founder and owner of Yummie Tummie, a weirdly misspelled “shapewear line.” Her hometown is “The Berkshires” (not technically a town, of course).

More to the “06880” point, Heather’s husband is Jonathan Schindler. A 1984 graduate of Staples, he’s the son of Rhea and Alex Schindler. Alex Schindler was a very famous rabbi — for 23 years, the leader of the Reform movement of American Judaism — which was a topic of conversation on a recent show, when Heather and Jonathan had dinner with another Housewife (Aviva) and her husband.

Apparently Aviva wondered whether Jonathan was related to “the ‘Schindler’s List’ guy.”

Apparently too Aviva didn’t pay much attention to the film. It was kinda the main point that Oskar Schindler was not Jewish, right?


11 responses to ““Real Housewives” — Really?

  1. Those housewives are ALWAYS so bright, they sure would make the Rabbi so proud!

  2. Another Madoff victim?

  3. Idiots !

  4. Brave toes you’ve got Dan! We never know what we’ll learn next on 06880.

  5. David J. Loffredo

    Let’s hope there’s never a mention of Westport on the show, what a joke.

  6. Taxi (the last good show on T.V.)

    I haven’t watched Bravo since “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and I don’t think I’m going back!

  7. I’m ashamed to say I know for a fact Westport was in the Real Housewives of New York…Lisa Wexler of Westport fame is the sister of Jill Zarin and her home was in an episode. (ducking out of conversation sheepishly)

  8. Omg, Dan a new low! Really, is this all you could one up with today? It’s like you had a brain fart! Come on you’re better than this!

    • Richard Lawrence Stein

      Shoplocal it shows the range Dan has for writing. From absurd to important. More importantly it does exactly what Dan set out to do with this Westportcentric Blog. Keep those things that are, were, could be, might be, or have been apart of Westport or related too, or some how involve our lovely little hamlet with exceptional homes new and old and even more exceptional opinions valid, divisive, and moronic in the peoples discussion. So Shop, as dumb as you might feel this is… It is a truly a Westport tale.

  9. Jon’s changed alot since his nose job and apparently he’s no longer on the road with the Grateful Dead, if you know what I mean….He literally looks unrecognizable- I spent my teenage years with him. It’s always shocking to see men get work done like that. Good luck. He married no Yummy Dummy.

  10. Was he related to the Schindler’s list guy?