Roy Marmelo’s Very Happy Birthday

Roy Marmelo turned 45 the other day. His wife, Maite Hernandez, threw him a surprise party at their Westport home.

Maite Hernandez and Roy Marmelo

Befitting their heritage — he’s Portuguese, she’s Cuban — it was an international affair.

The guests represented 15 nationalities: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, England, India, Israel, Mexico, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, the US, Venezuela.

Especially Brazil.

Roy and a Brazilian dancer.

As one guest commented:

“We couldn’t all fly to Brazil. So Maite brought Brazil to Westport!”


9 responses to “Roy Marmelo’s Very Happy Birthday

  1. Fred G. Sanford

    Is that Hugo Chavez in a wig and headdress?

  2. Happy 45th bday from Miami Rui…I know is tomorrow…
    The Rodriguez-Martinez-Riera clan

  3. are we going to turn into the society bulletin now? 🙂

    • You missed it… 15 countries in a small group of 45 Westport Residents. Its about cultural diversity in our town.
      Let me guess… you’ve only traveled to Florida your entire life. So its hard for you to
      “get it” I understand. I see theres a lot of Love in your Heart. God Bless !

    • I agree with you, anonymous. This is a story? Westport is a diverse community and this doesn’t seem particularly out of the ordinary. Then again, a blog is different than a newspaper, so Dan gets to decide what to write.

  4. Memorex?

  5. Looks like a slight wardrobe malfunction on the brazillian dancer.

  6. I think the important story here is that Roy has an awesome wife.. Congratulations Roy!